Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Paris Vogue June July 2018 and RIP Kate Spade

I love a summer cover.

I remember when an ice cube as considered risque after 9 and a half weeks.
But we are all so desensitised to sexual imagery 
I just think she is a bit thirsty is all.

Why is Victoire de Castellane constantly being peddled when all that publicity the past two decades is only because she holds editorial clout with magazine advertisers?
I just answered my own hypothetical question.

More and more we are being peddles products that are ok in themselves but represent a whole menagerie of lifestyle symbolism.

I really do not like picnics so will not be buying this 
Ralph Lauren picnic set.

Meanwhile, this Supreme Remova collaboration was so huge 
that I saw lines going down Bond Street the other month and 
it was for people lining to get one of these suitcases.

These shoes are cute.

I really like that Kate Spade alligator straw bag.
I was really shocked and surprisingly sad about her death.
I never knew her but she was part of that generation who entered fashion by being their own fashion brand manager and wasn't formally schooled in a niche.

There is so much to say about the circumstances in which a lot is still unclear.

But I will say this.

I inwardly squirm when people say "first world problems" after someone discusses a personal issue.
As if many of us have to walk 5 miles twice daily to fetch water from a well.

Conversely, there are those who proudly wear their problem as either a tribe identifier or social currency to cash in to play any anthropological social games.

I do wish people would be more layered in viewing difficulty and am surprised after thousands of years of myths and 
women's weekly magazines that people still generalise 
financial success with guaranteed happiness.

RIP Kate Spade

One of my heroes is Hedy Lamarr.
She was 10/10 in looks and talent and brains.
She was one of the main engineers to pioneer the foundations of today's internet.
She is a true goddess.

Feel good summer photos to lighten the mood.
 Sequinned pants getting wet would cause all sorts of skin issues - poor model.

 Pouffes are back.
I will tell my friends who never knew they weren't fashionable.

 Regardless of your opinioin on the Hadids, I was a bit disappointed that French Vogue would bother discussing this.

I want a bit of typical French 
anti American / anti reality TV show ethos.

But I think I am only saying that because I found her a dull housewife.
When your fridge has more personality than you, that is a "tell".

 Let's end this the way they end the magazine with an item of trendy fashion.
This is just another ellipse in the current trend that I call shoe acrobatics.


  1. I have not picked up a fashion magazine in awhile so thank you for this funny post! I was sad and shocked about Kate Spade. So terrible that she must have been some serious pain to end her life that way. And leave behind a 13-year-old daughter! Seeing the pictures that news outlets have been showing of her back in the late 90s and early 2000s, I remember what a stylish lady she always was. xx

    1. I am trying to find my old kate spade in memory of her. xx

  2. Hello Naomi, Why would people take warm-weather vacations and then complain about the "ete brulant"? I hate being in the hot sun!

    I agree with you 100% about Hedy Lamarr, a class act and fascinating person if there ever was one.

    1. Hedy Lamarr doesn't get any press considering all her achievements!!

      You are lucky bc in the UK one starves for heat and sun though i have stopped going to the beach bc the sand drives me nuts Jim!

    2. Hello Jim and Naomi, To quote Noel Coward - 'mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the mid-day sun". Though I do have a brother who could always get a seat in the Member's stand at the Sydney Cricket Ground (before they built the new enormous stand and getting a seat out of the sun was a premium) because he liked sitting in the sun to watch - especially if we were playing/beating/thrashing the English. PS I could only read the pictures as I don't speak a word of any language except English, Australian and a little American. cheers Yvonne

    3. It took me 3 years to live here to really fully appreciate that saying Yvonne! Equally I have been at a pool all by myself at 18 degrees in Thailand bc people thought it too cold!

  3. I would love a bit of ete brulant, specifically in Bali. We are in hiver froid.
    I can't go anywhere for the foreseeable, though.
    I love those sparkly pants.

    1. At least in Melbourne you still get 4 seasons in one day so you are never bored or need to go away :)

  4. Naomi, I am just very sad about Kate. I wrote a little tribute to her today on the blog because I don't think people knew how much she was responsible for that we covet today. She was the first on so many trends. I just feel so for her family and for what agony she must have been in to do this.

    Your recaps are always great. I love those espadrilles. I have to brush up on my French, but why is Victoire always being profiled? I don't find her so amazing. Anyhow, loved the photos! Hedy has been in the news a lot more lately. I think there was just a documentary about her. I'd love to see it. She is another one who doesn't get credit for all she did. xx Kim

    1. Me too. She was so 90's and a part of fashion culture. Yes Netflix did something for Hedy! xx

  5. So true what you wrote about Kate Spade - I loathe the whole "first world problems". It's up there with "keeping it real" or "living in the real world". People just mean their reality. She clearly battled demons, and it's a terrible loss.
    Laughed at the rest of your update though. I can't believe people queued for luggage? It's like some soviet era bread line.
    What exactly do you detest about picnics though I wonder?? xx

    1. Eating in yoga positions, birds begging, too hot or too cold, random balls you have to throw back, forced enjoyment is why i am not into picnics LOL xx

  6. The Kate Spade suicide struck a chord with me in several ways. First, I have been thinking a lot lately and really dislike the term and concept of "branding" in which she was Exhibit A. Her sister, in an interview just after her death, said she had finally convinced Kate to get some help with her depression and she was going to accompany Kate to a treatment center. She said Kate backed out last minute worrying about what people would think i.e. "hurting her brand". Abandoning a 13yo daughter like that reminds me of how my opinion of Diana plummeted upon learning she hadn't spoken to her sons in months prior to her death that garnered far too much fuss. Jackie Kennedy tasked the governess with telling her children that their father had just been assassinated while she went to work on branding a 'Camelot' narrative replete with that unforgettable image of her cue to 3yo John-John to step forward and salute the casket of the man who the governess had referenced.

    1. I do hear you. I think Kate Spade was part of 90's branding. It started out well bc it gave talented women a way to serve a model and their own ambassador but it has mutated to everyone being a brand now. I think Diana and Jacqui viewed it more as other people talking an what would people say-itis. The Kate spade dying with a red scarf and the odd suicide note has now really stoked the speculation fire however...


    1. She isn't making big news here bc she wasn't as well known here but thanks Contessa x

  8. People think those with mental illness can be rational. No. I saw it first hand with a sibling and it is literally like seeing someone possessed. The brain wires are faulty and you cannot "talk sense into them". Their brain is spouting irrationality and they don't realise it! The tragedy is that Kate suffered for so long and couldn't find the combination of treatment that would work. Luckily my brother did find the right kind of help - and early - resulting in long term success.

    On a lighter note....I LOL'd at your comment "When your fridge has more personality than you, that is a "tell"." So true!!! I watched the episode showcasing her fridge. Remember the fridge well. Don't remember her at all!

    1. I am glad your brother is doing better. I have seen it in 3 different friends. It is so hard to see from the sidelines. So complicated and now Bourdain...

      But yes I loved her fridge. I remember it too though not one for left overs right Anne? ;)


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