Friday, 19 February 2016

European rooms at the V&A, London Lumiere Festival, Asian trip and Sponsoring Guide Dog Puppies

Hello all.

I did mean to blog while I was away but the iPhone is so fiddly plus even though I was away nearly a month I never quite got over the jetlag in Asia which is odd because now I have it back at home too.

  I don't know where to start but then again these posts I do are just jumbled anyway so you won't notice.

I came back home and it was spring. 
London doesn't do summers so it makes up for it by having glorious springs.

Did I tell you about one of the most wonderful gifts I have ever received?
My friend sponsored a puppy and you can too if you like - please click here.
If you don't live in the UK, most countries have their own version of this program.

Don't you love acupuncture?
Even though a massage feels better I find an acupuncture session has effects that last a lot longer.
My favorite acupuncturist in the UK is in Bristol and I wish she would move to London but then she would charge triple and booking would be a nightmare.

To fend off winter illness, I had been upping my intake of garlic putting it everywhere - even on my fried eggs.
 So I was all Asian housewife and peeling garlic while watching TV.
So sexy right?

We don't have the northern lights in the UK so London held its own urban version called the
Lumiere Festival in January.
The highlight was definitely the colors shone on Westminster Abbey.

It was spectacular and if you are interested there is a short video of the lights changing on the building.

This apparatus below was projecting the light installation.

While we were walking to Westminster Abbey,

we walked by a house that cleverly tried to make pedestrians not to peer into the house.  My friend and I did anyway to find out it was a cardboard figure placed in front of the lamp by the window.

In auction news, I was tempted by books that I wouldn't even read.
And some classic decades old editions of Playboy that I could have got because you know people only read it for the articles.

I went to the newly opened European Rooms at the V & A.

It is a triumph.

You may recall I went to a talk at the V&A to discuss Europe as an entity to celebrate the opening so this is actually a very pro-European museum.

Toile from the 1700's.

The pattern for a waistcoat.

They had a few recreated and transplanted rooms which are worth the trip.

And they then had mid century killer seating areas for a rest.

I went to Bangkok for some R & R and 
I tend to stay at the Sukhothai 

and the Okura pictured below.

I do split the stay in two different hotels because each gives me what the other can't.

I love the Okura because the flower arrangements are always a fabulous fusion of Japanese floral artistry and Thailand's lush flora.

But for a 10 dollar one hour massage I don't mind my surroundings no matter how crude.

You know how the best part of yogurt is under the lid?
That applies to coconuts as well.

 I say I don't like Bangkok so much but I love the hotels, the food and the sunsets by the river.
I do keep going back.

I went to Seoul to visit family for the Lunar New Year.
These are some of the plant pots that belonged to my grandmother who was a fan of blue and white.

My uncle and aunt aren't great gardeners but they do keep watering the plants as well as they can!

 Years ago the building that the sunset is bouncing off of was the tallest in Asia in the 80's and yet now they practically build edifices that tall as a standard height in some Seoul precincts.

Well I wish you all a happy year of the Monkey and hope you have lots of fun in 2016! x


  1. I usually don't like Mid-Century but that is an exquisite bench in the perfect shade of blue. I have a fab Thai joint across the street from my new digs and carry out at least once a day when in town. Thai so much better than Chinese!

    1. That was a stunner and people were just admiring it instead of sitting on it because it does look a work of art. Thai and Chinese tie because Chinese is so varied no?

    2. You are quite right and no doubt your palette has ventured far beyond where I've been. My tastebuds and sense of smell have regressed considerably post Army service and gourmet cooking, a laudable pursuit is wasted on me...I'd trade pull out all the stops Nobu for a P, B, & J in a perfectly lit room with interesting women every time.

    3. Although this trip i accidentally ate a green chili thinking it was a green bean and if it weren't for my asbestos Korean palate I would have needed the amublance! But yes I agree - i quite like a tomato mayo sandwich ( white bread)

  2. The V&A is always top-notch, the building itself an equal to the displays. I am not always a fan of light shows, but there is a precision in this one that is fascinating. I have been to London twice, and Westminster Abbey was closed both times!

    1. Hanny Lunar New Year Jim - I know what you mean and not all the installations around town were great to be frank but the WA one was fabulous and so intricate with all the different settings

  3. those euro rooms look a treat! I really need to get to London -probably happening this year as a friend of ours is taking a teaching position for a year......

    1. I hope you do make it! The bonus is that it's all free too :)

  4. I love those White and blue vases! Welcome back! I enjoyed your post!

    1. If I lived in Seoul I would have taken them for myself. Happy Monkey year Ordinette!

  5. Welcome back, and Happy New Year to you too! You've been busy so much to absorb in this post.

    I chuckled at the picture of the pedestrian peeking decoy. I'm guilty of that too. I can never help myself when walking in London past the delicious Georgian houses where they are so close to the pavement, one wants to be a nosy parker.

    I so enjoyed my visit to the V&A recently. I was saddened that I could only get there once during my trip. I usually pop in at least three or four times and could take up residence there any time.

    1. I am still jetlagged and slowly adjusting back to London but am relieved that the blossoms are now just blushing. I loved the cardboard figure and isn't it naughty of me to know that too hehe I am thinking of doing something similar at my house! I love the V&A more and more and has usurped the national gallery. Next time you come to town - make sure you ration your time so you can go there more

    2. Yes, I'll do that and perhaps you can accompany me too. Oh, the fun we'll have!

  6. I gotta say, if I am every bored with my surroundings, all I have to do is check in with your blog and I get all sorts of wonderful stuff. Keep it up!

  7. Sorry to hear about the extreme jetlag, I can't stand that feeling. I hope you feel better soon, and do you really think acupuncture does wonders? I've thought of it for some pain I have in my shoulder/upper-back, my physiotherapist is recommending it but I guess I'm a bit scared.
    Oh the lovely London museums! MrBP and I are planning our next trip which will be London. A great hotel and museums everyday, plus a visit with my good friend Tabs and hopefully you too!
    I'm going to get one of those cut-outs for my house! XOX

  8. I really, really like the look of those European rooms, and am desperate for a London trip. I used to have acupuncture back when I had terrible, terrible morning sickness. There is nothing quite so relaxing as taking a 4 year old along while you have it done, and then them suddenly hopping up and down announcing they desperately have to go to the bathroom once you've been stuck full of needles and have to lie there for 20 minutes. Happy memories… it did work well though where other prescribed western medications didn't.
    Loved this jumbled variety of things in the post - definitely diverse!! x

  9. love all the interesting bits in one post. i am intrigued rie, i must get to asia, never been. but do love when i get to london and the V&A exhibit has me salivating. enjoy!

  10. Fabulous mix of things, as usual! The Westminster Abbey lights are amazing - and the new VandA rooms look beautiful.
    Have you ever been to the historic old quarries/caverns deep in the hills a few kilometres from St Remy? Used to be called the Cathedrale d'Images - sorry can't remember latest name (new providers). They do an amazing Son et Lumiere every year - the best ever was on Venice. There were scenes from just before dawn on the water, moving between early days, the glory days and more modern times. It was like walking inside paintings. The pictures are projected onto the walls, ceilings and even the floors and there was the most perfect music surrounding us - including of course Vivaldi. I think one's first experience is always the most exciting and memorable. We've now also seen Australia, Klimt and Vienna and more recently Matisse and the post impressionists. If you go, it's quite cold in the caverns (even if it's roasting outside) so take something warm.
    Have never tried acupuncture - always been a bit worried by the idea of having needles stuck all over. Wonder if it works for back problems? Currently having physio-massage from a sports physio guy. Too early to say yet if it works.
    So funny imagining poor Heidi just beginning to relax with her needles and having to jump up for her 4 year old. Many memories of similar experiences - once had to take our two year old son with me for a gynaecological appointment when we'd just moved countries and I didn't have a babysitter. I thought the nurse was keeping him busy down the other end of the exam room. But next time we were in the waiting room - he piped up in a loud voice and said "Is the doctor going to look at your bottom again today Mummy?" The whole waiting room collapsed in hysteria.
    Love those blue and white pots - and the wonderful massed orchids! Hope you recover from jetlag soon! Pammie xxx

  11. There is a line in a Jilly Cooper novel "shut the curtains the plebs are looking in!"

    Love this post x

  12. I think I may have said this before but you would be the world's most awesome travel companion.
    I've not been to Bangkok but you make it sexy

  13. A wondrous array today and such gorgeous photography!
    The Arts by Karena

  14. What a splendid month! I love how you bring us along on your adventures. xo

  15. Naomi, Sorry you had jet-lag. It's really the worst. Very cool you got to Bangkok though and Korea for a bit! You are very fortunate to live in London. I love the V&A -it's my favorite museum and the kind you can just go have lunch and hang out for a bit. That looks like a fab exhibition! xo

  16. I just love these European rooms at the V&A. These look fantastic. The pictures from London Lumiere Festival and Asian trip are heart throbbing. I am also going to visit NYC for attending an annual fest at one of event venue NYC with my family. We are so much excited for it.


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