Friday, 31 October 2014

Instagramy October 2014 Part 2

It's been a bit mental over here so I am just dropping in to say hello and catch my blogging breath.
Haven't been to the park for my daily walk much but it's been the warmest October since some year which is supposed to mean something.

But I discovered there is archery just behind Kensington Palace.
And there were these magnificent hedges on the path that leads to the Orangery.

This was very Dr Who.
This public phone booth meant to engage with the police is situated right in front of the US embassy in Mayfair.
The only person you could reach on that phone would be E.T.

Mercury retrograde being what it is I went excitedly to see Manon that was supposed to feature both Carlos Acosta and Roberto Bolle but Bolle got injured in rehearsal.
So I had a drink at the bar and left at intermission.

I went to check out the new Phillips auction house in Mayfair.
I bet the interns had to line up those chairs at least three times.

Had amazing free coffee at the top floor.
Looked down on Mount Street and Mayfair on a beautiful sunny day on their terrace.

These girls don't suffer from body dysmorphia.  
Art does indeed inspire.

I love this little spot which is as close to a piazza in London.

This is the philosophical path part of Hyde Park.

London never got the whole Halloween thing when I first got here but times have changed.

Had a blogger meet up with the Curator now the doyenne of whom I have already met but finally got to meet delightful Tabitha from Badinage and lovely Alexandra from
Boutiquebootcamp at the Beaumont Hotel.

It's Christmas already. 
I reckon the retail Christmas season will start right after 
Easter next year.

Went to the V&A and walked by these jewels that some English military bloke got from his spoils in India.  Apparently the whole loot was sold off and given to the government and he was allowed to keep one huge emerald and made the set of four pieces from the one emerald.

I can't imagine what the whole loot looked like.

The exhibition I went to see was the 
Russian Avant Garde Theatre Design Exhibit.

In itself, it seems like a niche area but in fact this sector probably spawned the arts in general from architecture in set design to costume design to the sketches submitted.

There was a little hut in the courtyard that caught my eye,

Looks inviting but you can't enter.

It was the imaginary shed of Paul Smith of his wish for a comfortable seat and a view.

Had a great croissant in their cafe.

But I couldn't decide for the life of me which area to sit in because

they were all so beautiful.

I love a colorful border hedge.

I love a classic library.

There was also a revolutionary slogan exhibit and
 this was my favorite.

Happy Halloween guys!


  1. Free coffee FTW!
    I had kids trick or treating today. It has gotten a bit out of hand... In a cute way!

  2. You do such a great job of taking advantage of London. Love it that you left at intermission - that's doing things on your own terms.

  3. Naomi you are so busy and doing such interesting things!
    Very happy you had your blogger meet-up. I so enjoyed meeting Tabs after knowing her for years in the blog world, the only sad thing was we couldn't have a third glass of champers, my Rascals were in their hotel room alone and I sensed they were up to mischief. I wasn't wrong, by the time we went to fetch them Young Rascal had spent half an hour jumping on the bed, had eaten the entire tray of goodies left for her by housekeeping, had been throwing her Balmoral teddy up at the 14' ceilings and was about to make hats out of the toilet paper. My older daughter wasn't helpful, she was ignoring the shenanigans.
    Love the slogan, I pinned it!

  4. You do such fun things it makes my life seem so pedestrian. I had to laugh at the phone!! Hilarious. How fun to have a blogger meet up,many with such great ladies!! Enjoy your weekend, Doll.

  5. I would have loved to have been a wall fly at that Blogger Summit...I think Curator would be a fascinating Bond Villainess.
    Great pics and as Lisa mentions above you do London quite well !

    1. Villainess? Yeah, I can do that... As long as there's hand to hand combat with Mr Bond, played by Christian Bale, and an extensive selection of very fast cars with rudely embroidered antimacassars, and revolving number plates.

  6. Wasn't it lovely to all meet up! Its always a real pleasure to see you N!!
    Did any one notice GSL on the wall?
    I slipped into Phillips then took a gander at the spanking car showrooms on the way home.

    Love the blue of the phone box... very YSL garden.
    And speaking of gardens, did you know the Paul Smith shed rotates to catch the sun all day long. I need one, purely for subversive evil embroidery purposes, or a Buckminster Fuller greenhouse.

    1. Curator, you are certainly putting the verse into subversive..

  7. Naomi,
    Love this post!(It's been mental here to.) London looks lovely right now and especially Mayfair. What a view from that auction house! The V&A is my favorite place in London. I'm so jealous you have it all so close. Too funny about the phone booth.. Cannot believe it's just sitting there. Fun you met up with other bloggers. Love Tabs. Have a fun Halloween weekend!!

  8. Oh, you do such lovely lovely things. :)

  9. There is always so much to see and do in London. The next time I go, I will go alone so that there will be more time to see and do what I want to see and do! :-) Emily

  10. That phone booth is kinda cool - I thought it was some sort of letter box at first. So lovely that you got to meet up with other bloggers; we did a similar thing last year and interestingly enough everyone was very different to what I expected despite reading their blogs for so long. x

  11. psst come and see me at you know where and we can have a bite to eat, this time on ME, found the card, so embarrassing! I will email you direct so look out for it xxx

  12. We're all doing blogger catch ups! Who needs a rstyle conference?!!
    So much to comment on all that you've done and seen. Love those jewels though, cannot even fathom how large that emerald must've been to start with.
    Halloween was not a big thing here even 10 years ago either. Now it's all the go, although not nearly so professional a standard as the US do theirs! xxx

  13. I'm not quite sure how I feel about the Halloween thing becoming so mainstream! I feel like kids are spoiled enough as it is without more sweets! I don't mind so much if people make an effort with costumes but if they just put on a $2 mask or something then come knocking....I make them recite a song or poem for their candy hehe!

    Love how much you explore London. It really makes me want to retire!!! I swear I would never get bored- even in Melbourne! Too much to do if you look for it! Loved the V&A jewels and the random phone booth...only in London ;)

  14. You go in very interesting places... I should keep notes of most of them and make a list for when I travel...

  15. So happy to have discovered your marvelous blog! Thank you for visiting mine and leaving a comment, which was my tip-off to finding you. I shall add you to my blogroll so that I don't miss another installment.

    This post really makes me yearn for London, my hometown. I now live in California (San Francisco) and have not been able to visit this year so viewing your wonderful pictures is making me homesick.

    I live in the museums when I visit and I know the cafe too well in the V&A. Sometimes, there is a pianist in the afternoon and I enjoy sitting there after a few hours of marveling at the exhibits and enjoying a pot of tea, a scone and the beautiful music that fills the room.



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