Thursday, 5 September 2013

Elle Decor Sept 2013

The September issue of Vogue wasn't the only hefty one out there.
This issue of Elle Decor packed in a lot of homes.

There seems to be so many brands crossing into other markets than the one it started out in.  
Lacoste bedding might be a good idea but personally I am afraid I will wake up with an alligator imprint on my cheek after a night's sleep on its logo.
I like minimalism and marble but for some reason
 this just seems so Miami drug dealer digs to me.

I am so guilty of having nick knacks to hold my other nick knacks.
I couldn't help perusing these options.

I love studs and it is the only "crafty" thing I have tried myself.
I am thinking of studding my headboard when I move back in.

Anouska Hempel has been a bit quiet of late but is creating a new collection for Ghurka.  She sure made an impact with Blakes Hotel in London that is still going strong and is a design classic.

The travel feature this month was on the Loire Valley.
I think this is the second place to go after Paris in France.
French royalty hardly spent any time in Paris. 
One of the many reasons being there was a famous stench there.
The aristocracy followed suit so there are plenty of chateaus to visit.
This is one of the most popular ones to see called
For a tour of the chateau, you can click here.
Below is one of the many royal bedrooms.
This is the famous double helix staircase at Chambord
the royal chateau also known for its hunting grounds.
Some scholars suggest that the staircase was inspired by Da Vinci's drawings.
They did a great guide to the area if you are interested.

This feature is more for the garden buffs.

Perhaps not so easy to recreate at home...
I love the Greek key motif and if I ever have a garden 
I want to recreate this.

Don't we all intrinsically love classical, hence the name?
But I loved this Parisian home as it had a streamlined interpretation.

I would make an exception and live in Paris if I could live here!

I love the modern wall hanging of the prints. 

The bedroom is unpretentious and designed for its intended purpose.

One of my lifestyle change fantasies is to move to Marrakech.
This isn't a riad but the homeowners seemed to have forged a lovely mix of various cultural influences.

I didn't really see how this Roman palazzo made the cut 
but who am I to say?

I like understated simplicity but the kitchen 
would definitely not survive a new owner.


This home belonging to fashion designer Yvan Mispeleare 
earned its feature however.

I like the modern quality but that it isn't too in your face and 
still conducive to living.

Not too sure about the tiles in the bedroom but would help you wake up on the cold surface in the mornings.
It is rare that Elle Decor do two classical styles in one issue but they also featured an Irish historic home called Russborough House.

I am suck a sucker for libraries in historic homes.

If I lived in a period home the one thing 
I would splurge on is cornices. 
In fact, I would have added even more than they did!

I find that canopy beds are necessary in this sorts of high ceilings.
The unofficial architect's bible called the Pattern Language states that one needs a lower ceiling to feel safe and comfortable.

Well I hope that you enjoyed at least one or more of the features of the issue.
Have a great weekend!


  1. I really like that bedroom with the green and white striped bedding - very restful looking.

    1. Its important to have a restful bedroom and not be too stimulating design wise.

  2. The bit on Anouska Hempel made me laugh "her life certainly sounds like the stuff of fiction"... it is!! A woman I worked with in Melbourne told me she went to school with Anne (her real name both Anouska and Hempel are her new ones) in Ballarat. She did a big remake of herself when she went to London in the late 60's. She's a great designer though.
    Love all the featured rooms/ chateau etc. I have Schumachers 'Chenonceau" in my bedroom fairly extensively, and having never visited the chateau for which it is named, I would guess there's a lot of topiary there.
    Might have to get this issue, it looks quite interesting. xx

    1. Yes she did redesign herself a lot but she did a lot for boutique hotels. Blakes is still known for where people conduct their affairs! You would love Chenonceau itself - it is my favourite chateau and the gardens are fabulous. xx

  3. I love the pop 70s flat! So psychedelic!

  4. I love the Parisian home, it's just perfect! Tons of books and beautiful chairs.I like tiles as well,but too many aren't great unless it's in a warm climate.

    1. I nearly got a heart attack once in Rome as I went in autumn and went I got up the tiles were freezing and it woke me up better than any other alarm would have!!

  5. oooh the home belonging to fashion designer Yvan Mispeleare is right up my street, but the Parisian home, for me, would be nice only as a weekend getaway for peace and tranquility.

    I know what you mean about brands crossing in to other markets. I was in House of Fraser the other day and spotted bedding by Kylie Minogue - go figure!

    Have a great weekend! xx

    1. OMG - hilarious bc for me it is the other way around! we can share flats then :) xx

  6. One thing that struck me, as I toured various French palaces, was how uncomfortable they seemed and how small I felt in comparison with their vastness.

    1. I have to agree that as much as we complain most of us live better than the monarchs did back then minus the armies and hundreds of servants. It was freezing even in the summer!

  7. Personally, I disrespect a brand as soon as it starts straying into too many areas of merchandising...takes away the credibility and the "specialness"...laughed about the imprint on awaking though!

    1. I know what you mean. I don't think Lacoste is going to have a groundbreaking sales with its homewares although it has revamped its clothing image!

  8. I wanna live somewhere where i can do cool interiors....


  9. Hi Naomi... your lacoste comment made me laugh and I think the bathroom reminds you of Miami because of the gigantic chair... designed for a Gangster I fear!!.... We visited the Loire so many years ago with small kids... it is quite the most magnificent scenery and of course the chateaux are magnificent too!.... I have this magazine at home, and I have torn out the photo of the green panelled wall with the crushed raspberry velvet sofa... as it is now officially my favourite green!!! xxx

    1. Chenonceau was the first chateau I fell in love with. I heard it is still privately owned but I suppose they need visitors for the cost of upkeep. I too adore that green color I am thinking of something similar as I think it would suit the light in London. But I don't think mr CSW will ok the red sofa, I want olive green or teal blue but he grimaces...x

  10. I really like that yellow bathroom with all the pictures on the walls. They'd have to have great ventilation to stop them all going mouldy though. x

  11. I approached this magazine purely as an ambitious browsing -through magazine.
    Luxury time to be spent with the oohs and aahs.
    Themes changing rapidly, lovely views, but there was nothing I could place my finger on and say, that I must have this ( €€€´s saved ).
    Not even the little boxes.
    The Y.M. apartment was not inviting, nor did I get excited about the Morocco Modern pictures.
    The kitchen however did catch my eye ; ). A real " wee ".
    Which brand was the first one mixing fashion and interior design ? Well, if Hermes does it, why not the others as well..
    Once again, thank you Naomi for sharing your magazine and your own views!!

    1. You are always welcome Mette - I know what you mean about some flats but I am naturally curious about others' interiors so I love having a look and seeing what houses are involved in setting the benchmark!

  12. Replies
    1. Thanks Julie for dropping by when I am sure you are very busy indeed!

  13. Loved all the things French in this issue...Weren't the cornices amazing? I loved that Greek Key garden too!


  14. The "Miami gangster" bath doesn't work for me at all. The geometric planters/mirror/bath and the ornate chandelier/seat are competing too hard to work together, and none of it is making good use of that lush greenery outside. There's just no balance to it at all. Looks like the owner has confused "expensive" and "designer" with something that's actually tastefully, artfully done.

    1. I liked that in the 80's but it hasn't evolved has it? Yes I think it is competing as you said even in that "minimal" space - well said Elizabeth.

  15. The nick nacks for nick nacks; I am sucker for those and libraries. Gallivanta

    1. I am a suck for them as well! I would make a whole house into a semi public library if I could...

  16. I get so many ideas from these magazines, but usually Im looking for the look for far less than what is priced in there!

  17. Hi, I have been completely in love with the red walls of the den featured on page 119. I am hoping that you (or some of the readers on this page) happen to know what paint color and/or brand is used. I want to paint my dining room walls in that color and I need to finish the room before Thanksgiving!

    1. I wish I could help but decorators don't share those things normally

  18. Thank you for your reply. I know, I think you're right. I've been holding off on the painting, but the fact that the color red looks a lot more vivid than on the website, so its hard to judge. Thanks for your help.


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