Thursday, 4 July 2013

Martha Stewart Living May and June 2013

I am doing a double issue post as May in itself didn't warrant one.
I don't like to do posts that are simply copy and paste in general but I have a subscription to it so I just thought it was a waste not to share.

So I picked the best tips from Martha from both issues.

It's a sign of the times that now hand made anything surely tastes as good as most artisanal products.

Ricotta is an ingredient that you can use in both savoury and sweet dishes so it would be worth making from scratch.

Here's how Martha does it.

Seems quite easy I could do it myself - if I could be bothered.
Now you know how to make ricotta - 
you can then make this recipe!

Semifreddo is one of those dishes that really top off a great dinner party and visually I feel it is one that makes such an impact and is really quite versatile on toppings and main ingredient.

Are you confused about which oils to use with what and what is good for you when cold but bad when cooked etc etc ??
I am.
Here's the concise guide to clarify.

I like finding out about new places to visit other than the standard Cape Cod and Hamptons type of vacation places.
Seabrook, I shall visit you some time soon...

Waste not, want not.
Part of the reason why I have clutter is because I always think that things will be useful at some point so I store it.
So freezing celery leaves for stock and sauces just fed and 
validated my hoarding.
Jazz up avocados...

and jazz up lemonade.

This one pan pasta has already been blogged and criticized but here is the original and actual recipe for you to tweak accordingly.

Want a one off unique handbag?

Looks easy enough but I think I will still have to buy it when it becomes all the rage in Topshop...

I swear by Bach flower remedies.
So does the NHS, the National Health Service in the UK.
It hasn't been FDA proven but the emergency services use 
Star of Bethlehem for victims of shock.  They say it just works.
Keep it in your first aid kit.  
But this article gives a good initial introduction.

I don't know about where you live but here in the UK, 
it seems if you are a farmer then you really are a farmer or 
a hedge fund manager recreating the post modern version of 
Marie Antoinette playing farmhand milking cows.

But I can't blame them as there is something so romantic 
and gratifying about it.
Mind you I don't even have a dog.
I blame River Cottage.
But FYI - animals don't recognize public holidays...

Doesn't the different dairy products look like like it belongs on Cleopatra's vanity?

I must have a low thresh hold for entertainment because I never get sick of watching most things get made.  I still pause if I see bubble gum being made on Sesame Street.  

Butter is even better.

Want unique table settings?
Well until everyone else sees this that is?

This is cheaper and would last longer than most flowers.
Plus even kids could get involved.

Martha is just so clever. 
How on earth do her and her staff come up with this stuff.
I would have felt proud just putting it in the recycle bin.

This one is so clever as well.  
I don't have the patience nor the energy to buy wrapping paper. I have been known to wrap presents in aluminum foil bc it organically moulds to the shape of the object and is nice and shiny.
No, I am not joking.

Great project to do with your kids?

Parsley stuck between your teeth is not a good look 
but stuck between tulips? 
Hell yeah!

Hope you got a few tips that you found useful! x


  1. If it's quick and easy and of some use, then I do it.
    If not, I don't.
    Like your idea re: alfoil. Add a ribbon and it's sorted. No need for sticky tape either.

    1. The foil is silvery as well so it is very festive!

  2. ok there are like a million brilliant ideas here!! Thinking i should start subscribing to that magazine. Those coffee filter flowers are doing me in.

    1. That one pot pasta was a good one for me but be quick with the coffee filter flowers bc all reform coffee addicts will be doing this!

  3. Wow. This is stuff for serious over achievers. I'll buy the ricotta pre made and try the recipe for the cherry tart. Martha has been intimidating me for decades :-)).

    1. Martha is alpha all around but one day I think I might do a taste test and see if home made is worth it :) The new pepsi challenge...

  4. enjoyed this post... Have u seen the show How Its Made? We love it

    1. I looooove that show, I mean how good is that? I wish that was around when I was a kid!!

  5. I'm always so thankful for your review of Martha... it costs around $18 here an issue, so I'm too stingy to pay up for the few articles that I might like in it.
    I cannot believe you wrap presents in Alfoil???? That is something a man would do!! I have a commercial quantity of white shiny wrapping paper (I buy it in 60m rolls), and just tie a ribbon that I recycle around it. I can't throw pretty ribbon away from presents... something from my childhood! Laughing about your comment with the Farming situation as well... my husband keeps mentioning that he wants to have a farm, for the weekends. I've told him no way, although it may be a good tax loss. But he seems to think it is essential for our children to have a few cows to look at in a paddock. I may discuss Marie Antoinette with him....xx

    1. Glad you did bc I was hesitating putting it out there but like I said I always pass around my real life magazines as well so makes me feel a bit better. Yes I do and I have been told many a time that I can be such a bloke sometimes! but having said that I also have a ribbon stash. I am a such a gemini at times. Grinning about the farm thing! I swear those eggs that come from those farms are hilarious bc it ends up costing £15 an egg after the costings. But I can see you in a pouffy white ribboned dress with your air conditioned stables where your black stallions are not allowed between 12 and 3 because you want them a certain shade. No sorry that was Martha!hehe xx

  6. One pot pasta! Love the idea! Been lazy the past few months, so I'm gonna try this to mark my come-back. Haha. That semifreddo is worth a try also. Now I know what to do with leftover celery. We always throw it and I feel bad about wasting food.

    The lemonade jug is such a tease and will definitely make some. I need a bigger jug!

    Thank you for the review. Magazines are so expensive nowadays, I'm very pleased to browse them through you + with funny comments :D

    Have a lovely week! xxx

    1. I havent tried this yet but apprently some say amazing but looks easy! I also never thought about jazzing up lemonade with non alcoholic drops...
      I am glad I shared the mags as I normally do but believe it or not it is much cheaper on the ipad! Have a great week too xx

  7. I haven't seen the critique of the one post pasta, but I have made it three times and I have to say that my family loved it!

    I must try making the ricotta - maybe that will be a next week thing! I am going to make a batch of strawberry jam this weekend as Berries are peaking!

    1. I read a lot of food blogs so that is probably why as food bloggers seem to have a very high standard - something about the sauce being gloopy so it needs tweaking but it looks like something so achievable which ironically is so not Martha! Bet the jam will be delish!!

  8. I love it, homie! I was at my parents the other week, and went through my mother's stash of MSLs, including the two you reviewed here. I made little notes in my filofax... I also liked the oil cloth covered tables (a possibility for ev & lu's new room?) and the chef's suggestions for a well-stocked pantry. Once we move into the new flat, I will have to purchase a jar of Luxardo cherries from Eataly. The campy guy on the yellow can is fantastic! As far as crafts, I have Lu blanket-stitching borders on linen napkins... Will let you know how that goes... xoxo

    1. I bet Lu will be a great stitcher - also I can see her into tatting which is slightly more eclectic and proper old school. Oil cloths are great for kids and everything just slips away. Please update me on the crafting xx

  9. Hi!
    Just a quick-y for reasons you know.
    We make ( not me ; ) something similar as is in the first picture, only it is set in a wooden square mould and we call it country cheese = good.
    I´d like to give pretty packaged gifts, but lack the material. Therefore ask them to be packed in the store.
    I´m not liking Martha Stewart, because she does everything so perfectly. Real life is not perfect.
    And - country living - ha! I know what´s it like. 24/ 7 or 365 ( 366 ) !

    1. Hi there! Ah country cheese - that means something to me rather than ricotta. I actually like the foil bc it is silvery so for xmas I think it suits the occasion. I will take pics of them this xmas for everyone to see how cheerful they are! I wanted to farm as well until apparently you have to take care of animals everyday!! :)

  10. I use macadamia oil all the time. It is yummy and good for you.

    I can think of a simple way to jazz up avocado: it's called guacamole.

  11. I'm quite lazy when it comes to cooking despite being a nutritionist - I eat healthy, but I cook simple. I like the idea of that one pot pasta (pasta dishes are my favourite meal) - who was it criticized by?

    Love the info about oils -of course- I love drizzling oils over pasta and salads.

    I believe you are on holiday now? Enjoooy xx

    1. Just the mid level ones not David lie obits or manger or the like. I liked the oil breakdown as well bc it just told it like it is and now we have more choice of oils than ever!! Yes am on hols and you would be very proud of my diet here! Xx

  12. Wow, these are brilliant ideas for the weekend!!!
    Love these recipes!
    xoxo dear!

    1. You could do the French version of one pot pasta! Xx

  13. I love the idea of making my own ricotta - will attempt it one day. As for the freezing of celery leaves...I didn't need to see this. My partner hates that I keep little scraps of herbs to 'jazz' up meals later in the week, only to find them dead and wilted and stuck to the bottom of the veggie draw on Sunday. He'll be thrilled when he finds his ice cubes full of coriander and basil! The bubble wrap also has great appeal to me - often my wrapping is better than the gift inside! I have a huge draw full of wrapping, ribbons and bows and dream of those back of door wrapping and ribbon racks you see on pinterest....I'm crazy like that!! Have a great weekend x

    1. I love Martha's ribbon room although I would just look at it all! But I might start doing bloody Mary's with the iced celery! Have a great weekend xx

  14. Ohhhh this ricotta looks pretty fantastic. I would love to try it-maybe when I get back from vacation and have time for a little puttering around the house.
    Great ideas here!
    Happy Weekend!
    xx, Heather @ Stylemindchic

  15. Am on vacation too! Hope you have a great time Heather xx

  16. Terrific post! I don't know how I missed all these cool things. Especially liked the oil guide and the Seabrook info. Love to get there as well! Just catching up on all my blog reading.

    Hope you have a great vacation!


    1. Thx Kim, not a normal vaca but a very healthy one! X

  17. Nobody does it better than Martha! xo Caroline

  18. You're making me want to take out a subscription, thank you for sharing these awesome articles. I didn't know ricotta was so easy to make - but even knowing that I will probably still buy it. I made one pot pasta the other night after Rosie posted it on her blog, errr amazing much! And now I want to go and make colourful bubbly wrapping paper... xx

  19. I made ricotta once, when I spent the day at the fabulous Agrarian Kitchen...not content to stop there we then turned it into ricotta and spinach tortellini! Afraid that I haven't made it since. Was seduced by the gorgeous ideas that you shared...yet at the same time I started panicking....if I were to ever try my hand at that bubble wrapping paper I'd be making it at 4am in the morning! Rx

  20. this is a really great discovery : love it ! the food looks like perfection

  21. you had us at this line:

    "I still pause if I see bubble gum being made on Sesame Street"

    we had No Idea there was someone else who would do this.


    _tg xx

  22. I have the hardest time finding Ricotta at the grocery store where I live so I'm definitely going to be checking out Martha's recipe. I didn't realize it was that easy :)


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