Wednesday, 17 July 2013

A Day in the Life of Mayr Clinic Resident...

A lot of people have asked me what one does at the Mayr Clinic so I thought I would show you a normal day for a normal patient here.

Mind you, everyone has their own schedule with their own prescriptions so please bear in mind that this is my own.

There are some things that most people doing the Mayr Cure have to adhere to.  As I mentioned before, this place is a bit like boarding school but with a honor code that expects you to do it without being nagged and told repeatedly.

A sample of the daily activities offered to all the guests.

First thing you do as soon as you get up is have a solution of epsom salts and an alkaline powder.
 The epsom salts is made to flush out your system and the alkaline powder is to lower your ph as released toxins increase the acidity in the body.

730 a.m.
If I feel up to some morning stretching or yoga class.
The stretches are done by the lake and all the movements are designed to wake up all the energy meridians to help the body balance itself and prepare itself for the day.

805 a.m. 
I  go and do some kneipping.
Now kneipping is dunking either you legs, bum, or arms in warm water for 5 minutes and then in cold water for ten seconds.
 Repeat twice.
 That is for you to sit in with your legs out.
 This is for the legs.

This is to increase circulation and get the lymph flow going.
People with previous injuries go and do it for the relevant body part but it is also known to help with varicose veins.

820 - 830 a.m.  
I go and have breakfast.
Now I just want to clarify that each day there are four choices of spreads that you can eat with your prescribed type of bread.  But there are other choices such as oatmeal but not if you are gluten sensitive, boiled eggs but no more than 3 a week.
 Sorry about the picture quality but I am working exclusively from an iPad which makes things a bit harder.

930 a.m. 
I go to see the doctor to have a specially devised manual abdominal massage to massage the digestive organs and to check and see if any intestinal / liver inflammations have improved.  This is the time to also review your daily condition and either do blood tests or analyze medical test results.

 I might then go for an infusion of either simple vitamins or a special cocktail devised to help with fat burning which is L Carnitine intravenously or a detox infusion which is vitamin C, homeopathic Lymphomyosot and glutathione to assist the liver and body handle the toxins being dumped in the bloodstream.
This may seem weird but my maternal grandmother got monthly vitamin infusions until she was in her late 90's so for me the concept of IV's wasn't odd at all.  Having said that Mr CSW's grandfather smoked until his mid 90's so there is no logic to anything...

I would get them in London but not many places offer the service and when they do it is triple the price than in the clinic.  
People don't absorb as many vitamins as they think. ( I will explain all the Mayr Cure principles in one more post later.)  
And some say that you are doing okay so why bother but I don't want to just scrape through, I would like to feel energetic and well.  I don't necessarily want to live forever but the time I do I want it to be healthily.  People who have seen others suffer with disease will know what I mean.

11 a.m.
I then go to have vegetable broth to remineralize the body with electrolytes.

1130 a.m.
I then go and have a massage which changes according to the condition of the day. One day it may be classic swedish for the muscles, the next could be lymphatic drainage.  
That one isn't too exciting and doesn't feel much of anything but 
it is one of the best therapies and is one of the few massages that cancer patients are allowed.

We are then supposed to go and rest.  This is an order.
Three times a week a lovely lady comes to our rooms with heated warm hay liver compresses that are put on the liver area to increase circulation to the liver and increase bile to assist in the detox.
It usually makes you doze off.

Then it is time for lunch. 

My lunch has gotten better than my first week here.
They only put you on a strict diet the first week and then you are allowed a really good lunch thereafter.
Here are some of my recent delicious meals.

Then the afternoons are usually your time to do with what you like.
I usuall go down to the lake and swim and ski.
 Now that you can see my thighs you can see why I come here!
No but seriously after meeting genuinely ill people here I count myself lucky that I am able to do watersports and have fun...
Dinner is either tea or
Then one goes on a evening hike, 
orders a tea relevant to your condition.

Then one aims for lights out at 9 to 10 p.m.

I will do one more post about why I come here, the Mayr Cure and the effects, and ways that you could do your own detox at home.  
I will also try and get a few books about the cure to giveaway to a few interested readers.
Sorry if the posts are a bit heavy on the Mayr cure but considering I am spending most of July here it only seems natural!
Stay safe and chew your food at least 30 times each mouthful! x


  1. I'm finding your posts on your time In The Lockup quite interesting, I must say. Glad the food has improved... that first week of food looked fairly dreadful to me - if you were on it for your entire length of stay then you'd surely be feeling suicidal rather than energised by the end?!

    I don't think your thighs look bad at all... but have you used the blogsy app to upload photos? They've all come out a bit blurry (used the app once on a post I did and all the photos uploaded fairly dreadfully).

    Enjoy the rest of your time - it does sound very peaceful to be checking out like that for such a long time. xx

    1. Oh sorry about the pics Heidi! Yes blogsy I think it is but it is soooo tedious to edit and stuff...I might reedit to polish off when I get home bc it is going to bug me. Yes lunches have improved but dinners havent! There are some people who are really weak here having had chemotherapy so it is giving me perspective xx

  2. You're convincing me more and more my friend. I love the idea of the massages, love a good massage me, although I've never had an abdominal massage, I think that would leave me feeling quite queasy.

    This trip looks like one of those things that everyone must do before.......It's now on my Bucket List.

    Oh yes the food does look much better as well; the fish looks really tasty with the sauce/dressing.

    No need to apologize about the pictures, at least you are keeping us updated unlike me who just disappeared off the radar. I can't believe you've posted all this using your Ipad - I find it so niggly sometimes!

    Enjoy the rest of your stay babes xx

  3. Well done, N...Enjoy !M

  4. have a wonderful enjoyable holiday season!

  5. Thanks so much for taking those pics and describing your day - it's fascinating! The food actually looks pretty good, although dinner is a bit minimal.
    I think I'd probably really enjoy a couple of weeks of this, even though the thought of goin without my espressos etc fills me with dread!
    Do you sleep well? Are you feeling well? I would imagine the answer is yes!

  6. Hello there, thanks for doing this, it's very interesting. Since I read your first post I've been trying to chew the requisite number of times - it's almost impossible!!

  7. Oooooh!
    I think I would get hungry.
    Looks like a pretty place though.

  8. I'm just speechless. I had no idea what this sort of spa was like. Seriously different than anything I've ever been exposed to. You're a strong woman. Thanks for sharing. It's so hard to chew 30 times!!

  9. Thanks for sharing your daily schedule. I have read before about the theory of eating most at breakfast time and then tapering off intake during the course of the day. That's a hard one to put into practice, as everyone is rushing to get out the door and get to work/school/etc., so dinner automatically becomes the largest meal of the day. The meals you showed look delicious - do they share the recipes? If yes, would you mind posting some recipes so we get a sense of what goes into them and how easy they are to prepare? The chewing part is interesting too - I know I chew my food a lot more than my husband and friends, but it is a family trait (on my own, it takes about 45 minutes to eat a meal, whereas my husband's family is usually done within 15 minutes) - but I have never chewed on something until it was completely liquid!

  10. I am interested in this idea of matching your tea to your condition although I am frightened as to what tea would be ultimately suggested for me.

  11. Geez Louise Naomi..."hay liver compresses"? Lunch looked very nice indeed. Anybody ever try to break out like Maria? "The hills are alive with the sound of digestion"!!
    Have 'fun"...or at least relax!
    Drinking wine & working out in Cali

  12. Gosh, this all sounds so mysterious,
    I´m really waiting to read your third post to learn the why and what for.
    Those treatments sound very odd too.
    Take care!

  13. I get it....I'm a Gayelord Hauser fan and this is the type of thing he approved glad your food has improved and well done staying upright on those skis.I hope you feel totally rejuvenated by the end of your stay.

  14. you are a stronger woman than me. Restricted food makes me nervous!

    Cannot not to find out more x

  15. I'd love to do this for my legs circulation! And the food looks healthy and really nice! Enjoy darling!

  16. Simply wow! Would love to know more.


  17. Guys thanks for all your comments but I just had a special treatment and am completely conked out and I need to go back to bed...nothing major but will explain later properly xx

  18. How interesting... As a chronic arthritis sufferer, I feel that this would be a place I should visit!... Am waiting patiently for more!! Well done!!

  19. I hope you're doing weel sweetie <3

  20. Everything is so thorough and obviously planned to suit each individual. When I read your previous post, I thought the food might be an issue as it didn't seem varied but in this post I see that after the first week there is a considerable difference and those lunches look delicious and beautifully presented too.

  21. Wow, I am so glad you have more food this week. I am so fascinated by your posts - thanks for sharing. The IV thing is full on but I'd be interested to know exactly how you feel after them. I am going to check out the Vogue article now. I imagine you're going to feel and look fabulous by the end of August!

  22. This is not for me--although would probably do me well. I will be forwarding this post to a good friend of mine that has MS and has been battling it with a very strict and holistic lifestyle. I think she would really enjoy and benefit from a stay here. Thanks!

  23. Have come to this party late but it sounds so interesting. Having inherited osteo-arthritis it could be a great thing to do. Would be interested in hearing more - very worthwhile.
    The massage sounds good too. For the first time ever, this holiday at the spa at our hotel in Antibes, I had a stomach massage over my digestive organs. It sounds gruesome but was quite wonderful. It was actually a full body massage and I was so surprised when she moved onto my stomach area - but she really knew what she was doing. After the massage was over I felt so relaxed I went back to our room and slept soundly for two hours. When I woke up I felt marvellous as though I were floating on air and the feeling lasted for days. This was the beautician I wrote about on Facebook who used to work at the Hotel Eden Roc, Cap d'Antibes, their leading expert who used to look after the top stars: Angelina Jolie, Cate Blanchett, Nicole Kidman etc. I kept going back for more treatments from her while we were there and felt just so lucky to have had the opportunity. The beauty products from Cinq Mondes were heaven too. Best wishes, Pammie

    1. The abdominal massage should be more mainstream rather than a special type of therapy. I think you should try the place out Pammie. The area is so beautiful and frankly that is a major part of my return there! The lake is crystal clear and drinkable and the walks in the hills are sublime. I also have seen with my own eyes the improvements that people make. I hope your arthritis is under control? They say in cases of arthritis that you must avoid inflammatory foods and is best that you find out what your personal flare ups are and avoid those. I hope you are all settled and unpacked xx


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