Sunday, 28 April 2013

Instagram - y Post in London April 2013

As some of you might know, I am reluctant to open an Instagram account because I can not bear to remember another username and password combination.
So this is my woulda been Instagram for April.

It has been a rather busy month.

 I was invited to watch Sutra at Sadler's Wells.
As it was an invite, I just turned up not knowing what it was about.
Sometimes it's better that way - no prejudging.

If my friend told me it was a bunch of shaolin monks rearranging empty boxes around one white guy doing modern dance, I would have rolled my eyes and declined the invite.

But the performance was truly innovative and the music was outstanding; the sound of the cello was sublime.
 I am sure that a cello was playing in the background when 
the universe was created.
If it comes near you - do not miss it!

I don't go to pubs very often but had a lovely dinner with friends at the lovely gastropub called Paradise in Kensal Green,
 just north of Notting Hill.  

Great food and ambiance and well worth a visit for Sunday lunch.

There were even more chandeliers of different types everywhere.

I became a British citizen this month - same day as Maggie's funeral.
Wedgewood cups for tea before the ceremony!
Queen Elizabeth greeted me into her realm, mind you I am already technically a subject.

The room is where the council holds its meetings and ceremonies.  The event ended up being a lot funnier that expected.  
The officiator wanted us to practice the oath to become a citizen and asked a person on the edge to start as we were going left to right.

He asked the person to stand and said, 
" Please say I and then your name and then 
the next person states their name respectively."

The first person stood up and said, "Hi, my name is Abdul".

"Yes hello, okay Abdul, nice to meet you but all you have to say is I not hi and then your name."

"I, my name is Abdul."

The officiator calmly explained, "So Abdul, all you have to say is I proceeded by your name. Nothing else, for instance, my name is David Atkinson so I would say, I, David Atkinson."

"Yes, sorry...I, David Atkinson, hello, my name is Abdul."

It was meant to be a solemn occasion but we were all giggling like naughty schoolchildren! (He got there after 3 more tries.)

First signs of spring - cherry blossoms blooming right in front of Lakshmi Mittal's London abode.  That house costs about £150 million pounds and it doesn't even have an outdoor pool!! 
He does have a fountain though.

I also had blooms in front of my house.
The pride of my "garden" is my yellow climbing roses.

Wanna see the rest of my "garden"?
Don't laugh.

That's all folks.
Well actually, there is my rosemary in bloom that was hidden 
in the upper pic.
Oh, can't forget my wonky hanging basket with white flowers  - 
don't worry the basket is getting replaced after we do our renovations coming hopefully soon.

I was walking a regular route in my neighborhood and past a house 
that I always look twice at.  It's the brick house center right.

Apparently, it is owned by an architect and although he fully renovated it, he kept the original cracks in the house as a tribute to its history.

Do you see the cracks on the top of the house and in the window?
Quite charming me thinks.

I was happy to go to a dinner invitation to Mosimann's and in the cab there I got this shot of Hyde Park corner. The sun was just behind and was a lovely evening for a change.

The converted church is Mossiman's restaurant in London.

It is in Belgravia which is a rather posh area of London, 
even the Waitrose supermarket has pillars darling.

And the Starbucks is in a late Georgian shopping arcade.

Having just traveled, all these little details 
I took for granted felt new again.
I was a bit early so I took a little walk around and 
enjoyed the spring evening air.

I do adore wisteria. 
I know some consider it a weed but it is always lifts my mood.

Apples are a simple and effective decorative device but if I did this 
all that would be left is worms because 
I would forget to change and get fresh apples.

Pierre Herme sure does give Laduree a run for its money.
I do adore their strawberry and wasabi flavoured macaroons.

Mosimann himself was hosting a special Italian wine tasting dinner.
I sat upstairs for the drinks reception and took pictures while waiting for my friends. I do love the filtered light through church windows.

 We sat on the table that was center left.

I tried to get another shot of the restaurant and the 
beautiful climbing flowers on the pillar.
Mosimann ( pictured downstairs ) is doing the final check of all 
the details as guests were led to dinner.

It was a 6 course wine pairing dinner and 
it was as expected, very delicious.

But sometimes these menus can be a little overwhelming and after a few dishes everything is as equally as yummy as the rest so ironically one can forget all the dishes.  

But the one aspect of the meal I took away was how delicious Taleggio cheese is when dipped into a very fruity olive oil as was prescribed by the chef. You have to try that combo!

The loos are just as decorative as the restaurant - de Gournay wallpaper.  Swoon swoon swoon.
I just wanted to hang out there half the time.

I love a proper powder room, don't you?

I am dipping my toes but don't expect too many of these just yet!
Between you and me I tried to 
take some pics at home but the dress kept shifting.
I didn't realize how hard these were and now I have a new respect for those who do this so effortlessly.
The best I could do...
I wore an Iris coloured Goat Pandora dress.  I got this because depending on the light - it can look either purple or almost black. 
I like maximizing wear and use of anything.  It is a staple dress.
They have two yearly sales and I get my stuff then as I am in no hurry!  Goat is one of my favourite brands for actual daily life;
 it's elegant, simple, and classic.

I was walking through Hyde Park on Anzac day which is a national day of remembrance for the Aussies and Kiwis.
As I am half Australian, I did note the day so I decided to walk by 
the Animals in War memorial on Park Lane.
It is one of my favourite memorials.
It is rather touching and poignant and suitably surrounded 
by blooming spring flowers.

Well, the first third of the year has just flown by hasn't it?
Wishing you all a merry May! x


  1. OOh I saw Sutra last year at the Sydney Festival!! It was fabulous!
    I also love Paradise - we used to go their all the time before we moved out of the Old Country, as friends of ours lived right around the corner from there... I haven't been there in about 12 years. Glad to hear it's still good.
    Very jealous of your Mosimann visit. Congrats on becoming British!! I trust you can keep your Aus passport too?
    I'm supposed to be filling in the forms for us to become Australian. It's been on my 'to do' list since 2007, but every year I procrastinate.
    Think I should try to do it by the end of this year.

    1. It wasn't Sutra.. it was Babel, but the same Shaolin monks and choreographer, I think.

    2. Yes I think it is a semi series but it was hypnotic and I didn't get slightly tetchy once! Sadler's well has really upped its game. Yes, I was like you and procrastinated for ages but they keep hiking up the fee that I thought I should do it before it gets more expensive and I didn't want to retake that citizenship test. Oh yes, I will always be Australian. Wouldn't have done it if they wouldn't allow it! Now I can go live in the rest of bankrupt Europe...x

  2. its really look so fun!!

    do you want to follow each other on gfc and bloglovin?
    visit my blog ^^

  3. con grats on your citizenship! And I love Belgravia with all its beautiful buildings, like the Waitrose! xo Caroline

    1. Thanks Caroline, and yes I like Belgravia because it is like being in a different era xx

  4. This is much better than Instagram!!!

  5. What a stunning venue and that ladies room - wow, I really like Belgravia, I'd love a little ( it would have to be ) mews there. The citizenship hoopla sounds an absolute scream, I'd have had to stick a hankie in my mouth, it would have reminded me of school Love the Goat dress too, I've been eyeing one up, it's sort of smocky with a ruffly sleeve, it might look maternity but I'm hoping it will be an easy summer dress.

    1. Yes it really is lovely but what I really enjoy is that when you go there for dinner - there is no two hour table turnover - I find it reprehensible when London restaurants charge you a fortune and then kick you out after a set time. I know which Goat dress you are talking about - it is very feminine and would be great for summer or on hols - I think it would suit you in a dusty pink they have right now.

  6. Love the Tabitha style photo--you are BRAVE. And hooray for citizenship. But the de Gournay paper was my favorite, I have to admit...sorry! ;)

    1. Oh yes I was feeling very brave, wish the pic came out fuzzier! But Tabitha style? far to go to follow her.
      Yes I am British now - God save the queen! Oh I agree, I am in love with de Gournay as well! x

  7. Well this is much better than any Instagram posts! oh how I miss London. I need an excuse to come down more often - great piccies.

    Congratulations fellow British citizen; along with the Queen I'd like to welcome and greet you too. I can't imagine how it must feel, but in a way for someone so traveled, the fact that you have chosen Britain as your residence is quite a compliment I think ha ha? You're not forgetting your roots though which is good so Happy Anzac Day!

    Yeaah, I haven't gone back through all your archives, but I believe this is your first 'what I wore today' picture and I love it. I love a dress with a 3/4 length sleeve.

    You're damn right the year has flown by, I haven't done half the things I expected to by now - May already eek! xx

    1. London does do spring rather well normally, this one is not its best but I will take spring flowers where they come.

      It's funny because I don't feel very British but I do feel like a Londoner. You do have to come but I would worry that the stores would be empty after you left ;p

      Oh yes, that was my first outfit shots and it was a pahlava. But the dress is a staple I turn to and I just put on without thinking.

      Yes, I am the same - I have so many things I want to do an still havent had the time! xx

  8. I love Instagram, for me it's an easy way to sare pics with your friends! Nice pics by the way :-)

    1. I know many people do love it but I feel inundated with facbook and twitter so i might take it slow :) xx

  9. Poor Abdul! I never would have been able to keep a straight face through that :)

    1. Oh gosh, poor bloke. But he got through and now I bet he will be trying to pass the driving written test!! Pray for us. ;)

  10. Hello, my name is Abdul.:D

    You have a pretty lovely garden though, I didn't laugh, honest! I actually don't manage to keep anything blooming. Or growing.:) Are those the rose you talked into growing?:)

    That Italian wine tasting dinner looks so upscale and fancy! I'm always nervous at events like that. Even that perfect powder room look daunting to me!:D

    And hello again - another photo of you, love it.:)

    1. I swear, or rather I, Abdul. If I see him again I have to shake his hand for making it funny!

      No the yellow roses behave themselves it is the red ones ( not in bloom yet, they bloom later ) they were in the boxes in the left. They were the ones I threatened last year. :)

      Oh, nothing is fancy really. It is unfortunate in England that good food tends to be only available in fine dining restaurants which annoys me no end. I love street food but London doesn't have that culture. I am equal opportunity when it comes to food though - I take it where it comes :)

      PS those pics were so hard but thanks x

    2. Red ones bloom later than yellow ones? Or is it up to the species?:) I really am not good with flowers, but I am good with talking - maybe I should just talk to my flowers like you did from now on instead of trying to figure out how much sun/shade/water/mist they want.:)

      Have a good one, Abdul.;)

    3. I am no expert but my yellow ones are climbers and the red one is a lone bush. But you must talk to your plants. They honestly can protest and sulk and let them listen to music - remember that documentary about plants listening to stevie wonder? They flourished!

    4. No, I didn't know that!:) Stevie Wonder?? Out of all of music they had to choose Stevie Wonder??:D Ok, I'll try, I'm up for anything.

    5. No, I didn't know that!:D Stevie Wonder?? Out of all of the music they had to choose Stevie Wonder??:) Ok, I'll try, I'm up for anything.

  11. Love this. Fun to see all these special spots in London. Your photos are terrific. You don't need Instagram ! Congratulations on becoming a Brit. Liked the mirror shot. I've tried it and it just isn't easy. What a gorgeous ladies' room too and dress.

    I think your yellow roses and garden are so pretty! The court story was too funny. I would not be able to control myself!


    1. Thanks Kim - I adore roses. I am waiting for my red ones and my one pink one to bloom. Yes that court story still makes me laugh when I think about it! xx

  12. Somehow I missed when this post went up so am late to the party... there's always too much to comment on with your instagramy posts.

    Firstly, love that you get Wedgewood cups of tea with your citizenship ceremony, and your story about Abdul had me laughing hysterically. Here is Oz, they get a little gum tree. Not sure what you're supposed to do with it if you live in a flat....I'd prefer a cup of tea after frankly.

    Secondly, I am loving your dress, and am going to check out ghost. There is a good reason why my posts of clothes are accompanied by such bad photos - I find it impossible to take decent non blurry ones that show more than a snippet of an outfit. As I don't live with a photographer (probably the opposite of one actually), I can't pose artfully in the street in outfits either.

    The wallpaper in that restaurant powderoom is Stunning. STUNNING! I could move into that and live there. I love a good old fashioned powderoom with sit down vanity action. Was there an attendant too?

    Love your garden - the roses look beautiful, and your reaction to the interesting modern dance experience is exactly what I would have said if invited... but it was obviously quite well done. xx

    1. oops, ghost should have read goat. Am going to have a snoop on their website now....

    2. Maybe I should do fortnightly instagram instead! One month's worth might be too much hehe
      Yes that ceremony was hysterical...We got a cloth tote bag and a etched glass! Gum tree is nice but you are right - what do they do with it??
      The dress is such a staple - I think you might like it although it is cut a little tight on the arms so for people with fleshy arms you have to go a size up. But I like your pics of stuff - I need to find a mirror but don't have many full lengths in my house. Yes the monkeys and the landscape was so beautiful and the colors were so soothing. I may have to start a fund to wallpaper something. No attendant tho.
      You are way too kind and generous about my "garden" but believe it or not - it is way more than I can manage. My neighbour still helps me take care of it!! xx

  13. What fun walking through your life with you!! I booked excitedly a couple of years ago for Swan Lake in Sydney... and managed to persuade the kids to come along... Imagine my horror when the swans - every single one of them turned out to be very muscular, hairy men!!!! We had dinner at Mosimann's years ago - and remember it so well... that beautiful church - he was a ground-breaker at that time. Your Goat outfit AND the photo is fabulous and you should consider dipping your toes in a little more regularly!! Congrats on becoming a British citizen .. how long have you lived there? xx

    1. Thanks Jenny! Didn't the swans wax? Mind you I guess they wanted to keep the feathery look? That is hilarious.
      Mosimann has the best bread and butter pudding yet. I can only imagine what he was like - he is still vibrant and was very charming. I went to law school here and then left and came back twice so cumulatively ten years. But still an Aussie when asked! xx

  14. Oh my god, poor Abdul! Haha! Fab set of photos. Congratulations on your citizenship :) xx

    1. Thanks Sian! I nearly messed up the oath myself by giggling...xx

  15. Great post and fantastic pictures! I hear you re Instagram. I just can't do it, I think I'm skipping Pinterest too. I just joined Facebook about a week ago and can barely deal with that ha ha! I like Twitter soooooo much better. I'm your newest follower, sorry it took me awhile to come over, but I can tell I am gonna like making your blog a regular read! XO, Jill

    1. Hi Jill - thanks so much for coming by - I am still trying to balance the whole twitter/pinterest/instagram/facebook thing as well! x

  16. quelle deliciousness!

    divine little Iris Dress, Anzac Day, fleurs, chandeliers *swoon* and allegiance to the Queen (now did they give you a list of what duties one is expected to do for England? we were always a little hazy on what those actually were. Dying to know.

    glorious post.

    1. Apparently darlin' I am supposed to commit to a football team. I say Liverpool - love the red and the accents. I would pick something Welsh but they don't have a premier team. :) hope you having a fab time in NY! x

  17. héhé funny Abdul!
    Your dinner sounds such a perfect event !

  18. How fun!


  19. everything is SO charming! - and i think going to an "event" with ZERO expectations and having NO clue what it is even about can sometimes turn to be the BEST experiences!!!!

    1. It is the best sometimes not knowing what is going on! ignorance is bliss at times :)

  20. Ah, great post, that Abdul story is the best! Oh, and if you happen to walk past Mr. Mittal's house again, could you maybe ring the bell and inform him that, owing to the fact that he promised he would keep his metalworks open and then proceded to close them, putting hundreds of men on the dole, he is now one of the most hated people in France. No, on reflexion, please just find a nice big stone and throw it through one of his big windows ...! Thank you !xxxx

    1. Actually I didn't realize but apparently one is not allowed photos of the houses on that street or something like that. I only noticed that walking by the other day...Yes he isn't very popular is he - I think perhaps Richard Branson is the only popular European billionaire! :) x

  21. I feel like travelling now. Also, Mad Men! love the show. Thanks for posting and feel free to drop by me too soon.

  22. Congratulations on being a citizen (or subject)! That is exciting. I love the little adventure of it all. It's fun to see that spring has come to London-your flowers are lovely.
    Wonderful post!
    xx, Heather

    1. Thanks Heather - you are way too kind but then again you know what London is like! x

  23. That is so cool! Have a great weekend!


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