Thursday, 23 August 2018

Summer 2018 and this and that

Hi all!

I swear this is the 5th time I have tried to post.

Mercury retrograde-tastic.

I am still on IG mostly for the memes.

They are on point.
I thought I didn't like botox and then now i prefer that to these filters.

Went to Berlin and it was one of the most disappointing cities ( personally of course).
How utterly not as cool as it was meant to be.
Yet it had none of the German efficiency so I don't see the point.

By the third day, 
my friends said,
"What is the point of seeing this city when we don't like it?
Let's just hang by the pool."

I replied,
"I don't think I am coming back unless there is a proper reason so I wanted to see as much as Berlin as possible."

I did take pictures but not worth fighting Mercury retrograde any longer.

Oddly, one thing I realised is that I am over boutique hotels with the exception of about 5 in the world I still love.

But I absolutely loved the anonymity and lounges and not having to make polite conversation with the hotel owners.

I went to a friend's place near Genoa in July and I was intending to go back because the food there is fantastic but the bridge collapsed.
It is too sad to return for the moment.

Speaking of Mercury retrograde...

I have been studying astrology.

Not sun signs but deeper.

I am concentrating on Vedic aka Hindu astrology but do plan on learning the tropical school which is more dominant in the west.

I am finding it utterly fascinating.

It is a subject where you learn something and 
can test it on charts of people I know.

Plus Vedic philosophy through the guise of astrology delves 
into philosophy and all matters of life.

It is coming up to 21 years 
to the death anniversary of Princess Diana.

This came up in class.

( Yes I am taking proper classes. )

Princess Diana was known to frequent astrologers, tarot readers, and spiritualists.

She was quite broad in her spiritual interests and was rumoured to convert to Catholicism before her untimely death as well.

But we all know that she wrote letters for ol' butler Paul Burrell 
to keep where she writes that 
she fears she will be killed in a car accident.

That fear didn't just come out of thin air.

Vedic astrologers predicted this.

I can't share my class video and to be frank it will go over your head unless you are an astrology student.

But I did find a blog post unrelated to my course that writes it down.

Just a post script.

I don't even know if I believe in all this stuff but the coincidences are uncanny.

Anyway, just wanted to pop in to say hi.

Sorry for the lack of pictures.

Hope summer is treating you well xx

PS if anyone wants to be my guinea pig for astrology,
you can give me your time
( must be as accurate as possible) 
and date and place of birth
 so I can figure out your chart for free of course as I am still learning.

Name is not needed so you can send me privately!

email is


  1. Where in Berlin were you staying?
    Berlin is quite gritty and you’d probably need local knowledge for the good places

    1. stayed in bang centre and went everywhere - it just didn't vibe with me!

  2. I remember wanting to go to Berlin so badly in 1989 when the wall was done and it was grunge and cool!
    Not on my list anymore.
    Love your updates always, we don't even need visuals.
    Your astrology studies sound fascinating. I think my parents know the exact time of my birth because it was very fast and a bit dramatic, I'd be your guinea pig! Email me if you still need one xxx

    1. Vienna is amazing and I wish I went there instead! Isn't that place so underrated? the food and architecture and history is amazing but it does seem to only get the people who have done all the other cities first. I might take you up on your offer Dani - but I bet GSL's chart will keep be busy as heck LOL xxx

  3. October 6, 1964 12:12 (just past noon) in Norwalk, Connecticut...and I was adorable. Call me by 7pm tomorrow night if any irregularities re sassy redheads with 2 cats.

    1. GSL - let me work on it for 2 weeks at least! or longer - because it is GSL after all LOL. It might even be a post in itself hehe Thanks for that though

    2. I made a special trip to Norwalk, Connecticut to see the Lockwood-Mathews house. There is a lot of history in Norwalk! --Jim

    3. Jim, Norwalk is indeed steeped in history even beyond GSL's debut however my early boyhood was in the even more historic Westport, a stone's throw away with no proper hospital. Among Westport's lesser known tidbits is the setting for The Great Gatzby, as Scott & Zelda summered there and he wrote The Great American Novel formerly thought to be on Long Island.

  4. Hello Naomi, Sorry you were disappointed in Berlin. There are many cities I have yet to see, but I have had such a great time in London that I always think of returning there!

    1. You really must! One great thing about Berlin is that it made me love London again :)

  5. I sort of had that same feeling about Amsterdam when I visited the city many years ago (pre-internet) with my husband. Perhaps it was the time of year we were there but everything seemed really bleak as though we were revisiting during WWII, the place reeked of urine at every turn, and there was hardly a blade of grass around in the public areas. The highlight for us was a visit to the Rijksmuseum and devouring one of the famous pancakes. Maybe we should venture back now that so much can be researched on-line pre-visit.

    1. I love Amsterdam - mostly the history and their museums. Not the food and the weather is worse than the UK! and I don't think I could live there but as a tourist i found it fascinating. and I don't even smoke LOL

  6. Have to say Berlin has never been on my list though I know people who love it and have said great clubbing/bar scene (not my cup of tea) and great architecture, art and the Jewish museum is meant to be amazing? What were your biggest disappointments?

    Saw your other comment on Vienna. Definitely a brilliant city. Brilliant opera and classical music scene. Art galleries off the charts especially if you like Klimt. If you’ve ever seen the film the third man, very enjoyable to visit the locations from the film! I also liked the coffee house vibes!

    Fascinating on the astrology stuff. Seeing Megan Markles utter tasteless outfits (JUst my opinion) made me look through photos of Diana and she got it right time and time again! Such a beauty and so classy (and confident post Charles). Sad she didn’t have that confidence early on but gee she was so young. Markle is so smug to me and tries way too hard!

    1. The hype was way too much and there is that one famous club where it is all drugs and orgies but truth is drug and orgies is now prevalent in the suburbs so what is the big fuss right? The museums were technically well "stocked' but at one point I doubted the authenticity of the items because there was no temperature control in some of the most priceless items like the gates of ishtar and nefertiti. People take care of cigars better than the museums did - the excess heat and the cold in the winters can only damage the items. The Jewish museum really did leave a mark and it was a prime example of how architecture can influence your feelings. But the people are not that "cool" and yet they weren't as efficient as other places in northern europe. in a nutshell LOL

      Love Vienna so much - i think if i spoke german i would live there for a year or two.

      Meghan...shall we leave it at ellipses? :)

    2. But yes I do agree re her and I miss Diana.

    3. So interesting about the lack of temperature control! I can't fathom it and you know if we had any similar treasures here in Oz they'd have their own rooms with every mod con available to protect them!

      Glad I'm not alone on my Markle views!

  7. I hate that filter thing too!!! xxx

  8. I'm in................BORN JULY 22, 1960 at 6:18pm in MODESTO, CALIFORNIA!
    I need to write YOU a THANK YOU CARD.........send me your snail mail address when you send me my STAR PACK!!!!!!!!!!!!Off to read what Dianas STARS READ!!!!!!!
    I did see her dresses............TEARS IN MY EYES STILL!!!!!!

    OVER MY HEAD!!!!!!!!!!


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