Monday, 27 November 2017

Hazza's press at Palace grounds, Gougeres, and Pompoms

I went to an 18th birthday party for a friend who I have known since she was about 6.
It seems I can only really tell the passing of time with Christmas coming around in what seems every 6 months 
( or is that just the shopping and decorations ) 
and seeing children grow.
She is an absolute star.
 I am unbiased as I am unrelated to her.
She is the only girl - now lady -
 who I say I would go through the travails of motherhood for if 
I was guaranteed someone like her.
Except I have a feeling that being a flaneur and watching Netflix would probably not result in someone like her! 
Her actual mum not only raises amazing children but cooks my husband's favourite cake ever pictured above.

VV Rouleaux did a great shopfront and actually put tassels and pompoms on the outside of their shop!
Isn't this so much fun?
It really put a smile on our faces as we left the restaurant 
the very same evening there was the false alarm incident in 
Oxford Street last Friday.

Instead of cooking turkey for the American thanksgiving, 
I made lunch reservations at Core by Clare Smyth.
It was very good indeed and her pumpkin gougeres should be sold to the retail market.
I would have them for breakfast every day.

I saw a play called the Lady from the Sea at the Donmar 
which left me thoroughly confused that I had to read about the play and plot when I got home.
It was based on an Ibsen work but it was transplanted into a Caribbean setting so the starkness of a swim in the grey North sea didn't translate into blue warm waters as a fundamental.
But I love the Donmar so am glad I watched it.

Here are the press photographers who were assigned the main gate escorted by what seemed to be palace press interns an hour or so after the big announcement of the engagement.
I must have surely been one of the people in the background walking during a German or American live broadcast announcing the engagement of Harry and Meghan.
This was only just after they announced it so it was still a bit sparse.
The press didn't make too much of her wearing a Canadian white coat but then she is in the honeymoon phase literally and figuratively.  I hope the press go easy on her in future.

I did some decluttering.
I am not a huge fan of this pastime as I am the product of a tumultuous last 100 years so think that something might come in useful just in case of emergency/war/disaster.
But I figured 12 year old clippings of out of date kitchen cabinets and photos that can be found on the internet database wouldn't save a life so I finally threw out the vestiges of my pre Pinterest life.

Have you written your cards yet?
Done all the shopping?
Planned a menu?
Me neither xx


  1. In answer to your questions: no, no, and no! I guess I'd better get my skates on considering the Big Day is just around the corner.

    Love the storefront but what happens when it rains?

    1. Good point CD!! it must get all flat but hope the color doesn't run!!!

  2. Doesn't the time just fly by! Now returned from visiting family in Sydney where lovely C1 (no 1 grandgirl) is now taller than me - and doing well at secondary school. C2 is shooting up too. She now has beautiful posture and carriage - a result of the ballroom dancing she's taking so seriously - she won a medal on Saturday. She's also becoming quite a beauty, even with her long hair scraped back, though is quite unaware.
    So pleased for Hazza - fingers crossed it all works out well for him. Thought the symbolism of the engagement interview in the garden created for his mother was so touching. I love how the boys are both working at giving tribute to Diana and including her in such important times in their lives.

    No to all the above questions - but family announced they will be coming to us this Christmas - so better get my skates on! Have become a bit lazy the last couple of years and only put up the big tree and decorate if I know they're coming to us rather than the other way around. So better get on with the cards, etc. Problem is DiL and both girls are now practically vegetarian - though they will eat chicken! We've always had the full Christmas ritual before - turkey, ham etc. So will have to get the brain and recipe books working as well. Pammie xx

    1. Ballroom dancing would be better than ballet bc I notice early ballet dancers walk with their feet pointed out even normally. Yes Hazza is a firm favourite by many and hope that love is shared with Meghan. Have you thought about a nut roast too? xx

    2. Have been a Hazza fan for ages! There is a real sweetness to him and a sincerity. Yes, fingers crossed Meghan also wins the people's affection.
      Hope she doesn't fall victim to the horrible blog on Kate Middleton which is always nitpicking her and her clothes and which seems to be followed by a bunch of brainless cats who are full of their own superiority. Sorry, that was a bit strong. I rarely look at it these days as it annoys me so much but thought I'd check it out following the engagement news. It hasn't improved. Time will tell about Meghan and Harry and the public.
      Unfortunately, C2 has a nut allergy! So we have limited scope! Pammie xx

    3. Yes I wonder if it from being the youngest and he grew up without the burden but he genuinely seems sweet. There will always be naysayers to anyone - many forget Diana was not like much by quite a lot when she was alive. But then time mellows things like that out. I am sure she will go through phases bc o one is immune but long term I am sure her charity work will shine through. Nut allergy too?? tofu then??? x

  3. I'm ashamed to say I don't really write cards, it's a gift or nothing. That's very bad I know. Okay I'm nearly done buying Christmas gifts for my rascal children but I need to get that done by December 1st or I don't have time for all of those cookies. The menu is tricky because we've gone plant-based and our teenager is very unhappy about it. I think I'll plan it the day before. Then her siblings will be home and the whole situation will be diffused.
    I don't think they will leave Harry's fiancee alone, what a media storm that couple has entered. But I think we're all tired of bad/confusing news so the news outlets should go easy and treat it as the fun and happy thing it is.
    Good job decluttering it's the worst household task! xx

    1. Gift is pretty good too :)) I think Meghan will have gotten more attention than normal for the bride to the spare only because the public over here anyway are bored of KMid and the news is only Russians or Brexit or Trump so she bring light relief. Decluttering was okay but it was harder than i thought! xx

  4. I, too, am hoping the press goes gently on Meghan. I thought it was great she wore a Canadian-made coat –– plenty of time for British designers. It is s nice seeing him so happy, and the joy between the two. On Friday, she is accompanying him to Nottingham and they will have a meet and greet. With her role at the U.N. and World Vision Canada, I guess she has lots of experience with non-pofits. And she is going right on the board with Harry, William, Kate with their trust. She is not getting a gradual introduction to royal life but
    plunging in at the deep end. Somehow I think she'll swim and thrive1


    1. Hi Ann, while we hope, we all know the phases right? who is she, one slight scandal, then adoration, worship, then first fault, then bland coverage. Her North American lightness will be great at first but there's bound to be something the press won't like...I love that she is big on charity and am so looking forward to their charity getting the proper push considering their station and hope she is the pivot they need to get going.

    2. I, too, love the fact they did the interview in the memorial garden to Diana at Kensington Palace. I had never heard "Hazza" before. Origin? Meghan already has the right idea –– don't read the tabloids. She has said previously (ages ago) that she wanted to be a working woman, not just a lady who only does lunch. It is telling that they are doing a walk about at Nottingham. I imagine that they have already bought their country place and their time will mostly be spent planning the wedding (although it wouldn't surprise me if it isn't already planned) and Meghan working on her British citizenship which she plans on having before the wedding. I hope the press leave her alone. I had a few reservations about her before but they all disappeared when I saw the interview. One was that she has been quite outspoken and is on record as saying long ago something to the effect that she wouldn't change. I think it is quite clear that she is well-versed in what is expected and she will more than fulfil that. It has probably helped her that she lived in Canada for about 6 years. The fact that she lived a very low-profile life in Toronto also confirms that she'll fit in. I think she will be a great spokesperson for Britain. I think it is funny about Pronce william saying that maybe now Harry will stop scrounging in William's fridge!

    3. I don't know the origin but it is a nickname version of very anglo names ending with ry. so Gary is Gazza, although Sharon is Shazza. But it is of course very informal and you would need to be close to them. I am really excited that she seems genuine about charity work!

  5. Love her to bits. What a great representative as an American too. She's already done some good things and clearly cares about the world. Harry's choice makes me like him even more and I think his mum would be proud.She has had a lot more life experience than any of the others so I think she won't be pushed around and possibly be happier. I wish them only good things!

    1. I have never seen suits but she is very likeable but then again she has had her own life so she comes with her own aura. I wish them the best too! x

  6. Very excited about the wedding. The world needs some positive news. I'm sure you will witness lots of the hubbub. Love the pompoms and tassels: so cheerful and creative. I am still a tear sheet hoarder from my pre-Pinterest days. Mind you, I also still use a Filofax. Let us know if you have any H&M sightings! xx

    1. Yes we need some light news bc everything has been so heavy for more than a year now...I use MOleskine. And yes I will let you know about H&M sightings!! xx

  7. Hello Naomi, I don't have to worry about holiday preparations, but I do have to prepare a birthday party for a young friend, whom I have have known since he was born. I brought his presents back from Ohio, but he'll have to be satisfied with a lesser cake than the one you show--I don't think that there are enough rich ingredients in all of Taiwan to replicate it!

  8. She is well-educated, and in addition to being a spokesperson for UN women, she was an ambassador for World Vision Canada. She has participated pre-Harry in charity work. She has a varied experience, from working in Argentina for the U.S. consulate to being an expert calligrapher (will she pen her own invitations?). The latter may be an interest with Duchess of Cambridge who is an accomplished artist. Thanks for the explanation of Hazza! Who woulda guessed! Ann
    I'm not sure what to make of Cressida's post?

    1. Not much bc people have different relationships with each past partner plus even lovers get treated differently from friends or family or all of them. They probably just had a bad break up and probably Harry wasn't nice which is fair bc which one of us was nice to each of our exes ;)

    2. True enough! As expected, Meghan came through with flying colours at the walk-about with Prince Harry (aka Hazza) in Nottingham today. As you said, she will "shine through". Perhaps Prince Harry wasn't very understanding about Cressida wanting to have an acting career and not wanting to give it up to marry Harry. I think Cressida's ig post could actually be interpreted both positively and negatively except for the closed fist emoji. Your comments about Cressy are well-founded.

      Meghan is older, wiser and was already established in her career and doesn't feel compelled to prove herself professionally. Had Cressida or for that matter Chelsy been older and more accomplished and established in life, then it might have been different but each of them was very young and didn't want the media attention.

      I think Prince William has a sweetness to him too and a kindness. Although Prince William had his mischievous moments, he soon grew more introspective and at least outwardly circumspect. William was older when Diana, Princess of Wales passed away but Prince Harry was a young 12.

      As to scandals, the press tonight already is latching onto comments by one of Meghan's ex-girlfiends...

  9. Yes, Hazza was indeed lucky not to be the heir, but even as the spare there must still have been quite a weight to carry. Unlike William, he has spoken out more, and from the heart, about what he endured for years after Diana's death. It's no wonder he was wild at times and made some bad choices such as those party costumes. He seems to have come through all the really bad times so well with real courage and a sense of humour - and to have inherited Diana's compassion and empathy for the strugglers and the downtrodden. It sounds as though Meghan will be able to share this with him. Fingers crossed. Pammie

    1. I think William had an altogether different relationship with his mother. Mind you the eldest usually do. Yes he has made bad choices but who hasn't at that age? I am just so glad there was no social media in my younger days!! I hope they do lots of good works for the country and the world for that matter.

  10. Very happy for Harry and Meghan. She has so much more charisma than Kate. I think because she has lived a truly independent life and done so much. A great thing I think....she will have fresh ideas to bring to the table - and I'm sure sees the world through a different lense compared to the aristocratic monied girls Harry has previously dated. Can't help but respect her!

    That cake looks amazing. What type is it?,


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