Friday, 11 November 2016

Autumnal squirrel chases, Jeremiah Goodman at the Yellow Room, and Xmas windows at Fortnums

This is one of my go to pics when I get stressed.
I know they are the US elections which only allows citizen of the USA to vote but everyone in the world gets affected. 
The rest of the world just looks on helplessly wishing we could vote - not just this recent election but I wanted to vote since 1992 when Ross Perot clinched the deal for the other Clinton.

I will listen to any political leaning no matter what they are but not to vote is what bewilders me.
Whether you are happy or sad at the result, it is a tense time for all.

Those eyes.
Millie is of drinking and voting age now but still looks at me wondering what the hell I am doing.

I didn't let the 
post Saatchi advertising,
 Naomi Klein only in spirit but we do nothing,
 but think we are all so clever marketing 
put me off my delicious Franco Manca pizza 
that finally opened near my house.

I have so many pictures of leaves and yet not one captures the real beauty.

I think Millie's favourite season is autumn too as she loves chasing the squirrels.

There is a carpet store on Piccadilly called Essie that I can never pass by without admiring their carpets.
They always have such beautiful pieces.
One day...

I know there are many who prefer Kings Road but I will leave that for the Sloane Rangers.
I am firmly a Mayfair Marcher.
Hatchard's bookstore is one of my favourite bookstores.

Plus it is next to Fortnum's.
Sorry about the pics but this is the holiday window.

No pictures of the inside because I am hoping they aren't finished yet because it was a bit sparse on the sparkle.

Sotheby's is also a block or so away.
They were showcasing the second part of the Bowie Collection.
It was so crowded that you would have thought they were giving away the stuff.
I still can't get over how mainstream some of his art was.
So not punk.

Do not miss the exhibition at the Royal Academy.
No pictures were allowed as usual but I have already gone twice and I plan on many more quick visits.  

Jeremiah Goodman is holding an exhibit of his works in the yellow room at the soon to close Colefax Fowler.
It is on until the 5th of December.
Jeremiah Goodman has an instagram account if you are interested in interior illustrations.

Drawing is a bit out of favour but I am traditional at heart and so very admire his talent.

I won't bother to post any pics of the prints as they won't do any justice. 
If you would like to see a much better post on this exhibit,

Instead I thought I would post little notes by the respective pictures.
You can then go on his feed or google the image if you are interested in the specific person's home.

I have never been to the top floor as it was never open to the public.

Most of the items have been sold.

There are about 5 pieces left for sale including the secretaire below.

There is also some art but the half empty state has really hit that the lease is finished on the famous former home of Nancy Lancaster.

Have a lovely weekend x


  1. CIAO............IS THAT BOOK ITALIAN GARDENS worth looking for on AMAZON in the book store!Next time you are in there check it out for me!I AM GOBSMACKED over the fact I have written a little POST that is HEATING UP rather quickly.Feel I should not respond to the comments as I normally do for FEAR of getting in DEEPER WATERS..........only responding to the HIGHLY EDUCATED Lawyers who do not know how to UNSUBSCRIBE Themselves!!!!!!!!!

    1. I will have a look for you and see - I flipped through only a few books otherwise I can't remember which was which. I still can't get over how voting in the states and the UK isn't compulsory - in Australia you have to vote!

  2. a great run around london, always love those posts and long for my fav city.
    millie is soon cute!

  3. Love the pic of the turkey and axe...or is it a hatchet? Oh, the election...we survived. Surprised? A bit. Devastated? No. this is a good article to read if you just do not understand what happened in middle America.. Love ya bay, shall be in touch.

    1. I hope the turkey wins! Everything will be fine and I have told friends that even a suave and smart president hasn't managed world peace bc the president can only do so much. I will read the link - xx

  4. I love the description of the DoW having 'tacky southern taste.' Ha! I also loved your comments over at Kim's blog re the election and wrote her saying so. I agree! Thank you for your cheer and optimistic outlook. xx

    1. Keep calm and carry on for sure. Also as you lived in Asia with the AFKRTS network - do you remember those OPSEC ads??? I sure do xx

  5. It's funny, but there are no playful wild animals in Taipei. In Ohio we were loaded down with squirrels of various colors, tiny chipmunks, rabbits, skunks (which look cute but I could live without), woodchucks, etc. Even foxes, minks and beavers could be spotted one in a while, and deer are now spotted daily in the suburbs. I know there is a native fauna in the wilder regions of Taiwan, but nothing in the city parks. Did you see any such animals in Korea?

    1. Do you know that in Korea there used to be but with so much urbanisation even now in the hills of Seoul - there isn't many but mostly bc the old habit of foraging for food among the old is still alive and they take away all the food for the animals. There are signs saying leave the food alone bc the remaining animals then rummage through the rubbish. I heard Taiwan has amazing country side from my brother who studied there but of course it isn't the first thing that pops up when you think of Taiwan. I think the once that generation who were so poor pass on then the animals might thrive hopefully Jim!

  6. That Millie is a character. Love her. Sad about the Colefax space. It was stunning. The illustrations exhibit is gorgeous and a fitting last hurrah. Xo

    1. I still am so gutted about it and worried people won't get to see this space freely again...xx

  7. Absolutely love the notes! So interesting. Puppy eyes cure much anguish. I've found comfort int dog and carbs recently. Thank goodness there's Thanksgiving to distract me.

    1. A small exhibit like this is so much more digestible. Plus he is right up my alley and wish my house was worthy of sketch. I am excited for you and Americans to have a great thanksgiving.

  8. Millie looks adorable although that look tells me she's just done something naughty, but who can forgive her!

    I always enjoy the creativity and effort that goes into each of Fortnum's windows and look forward to viewing them on each visit so it's nice to have you there treading the pavement for us so far away, thank you.

    1. I love London in the autumn bc they have so much going on and I love that even though I tend to go to the same places there is always something new - hope you are due for a visit again soon?


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