Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Wardrobe Stalwarts Part 2 - Louboutins, Dolces, and Jessica Simpson!

Here's a post that is light to counteract all the heavy news out there!

This is part two of what is an ongoing series of items that have lasted more than 5 years in my wardrobe.

This is one of my favorite shoes and I wish I got a second pair.

I got them on sale in New York where the discounts are substantial compared to the UK sales.  
But I got them in 2007 when Christian Louboutin made more kitten and low heeled shoe unlike now where it seems a 4 inch minimum!
They are a type of mesh so look great in the evening and the sheerness suits the summer too.
I need to resolve these! I haven't resoled them since I bought them but I am very careful when wearing these.
Another favourite pair I bought on sale that same trip are these shoes.

Yes you read that right.
I got them at Jessica Simpson!
They were 30 dollars at the time reduced from 90 and the dollar at the time was two to one to the pound. 
They were a steal and if you buy right and it works then it doesn't matter who it's from.

But I like the patent and the height and curve of the heel.

The cut out polka dots add fun but the best part is the cushioned sole which make them so comfortable.

The next pair are slingbacks from Dolce Gabbana.
Got them in 2001.
They have done great time although I haven't enjoyed them as much as the Jessica Simpson's above.

It's a sling back but it's too pointy  at the top and while they are useful I am actually thinking of putting them in the elusive eBay pile of mine.

While classic in theory I don't feel comfy when wearing them so what's the point keeping them. 
So technically even though I don't wear them much lately they have been around for 14 years and earned its keep. 

I think shoes are an important buy and spending a decent budget has always paid off for me and through my weight fluctations.  
Shoes tend to fit even if you go up 10 or 20 pounds where as a dress or trousers are not as forgiving.

Another staple that's a hand me down from my mother.  
It's the classic Barbour style jacket which gets lots of use in this climate.
Bring white brings a freshness and doesn't make me look like I want to be part of the country set.
My mother used to wear this just nipping out for things and I now do too.
It's Salvatore Ferragamo from the 90's - 
she can't remember exactly which year she bought it.

But I love the detail inside.
It still feels lovely and is a nice treat when you see the intricate feline pattern when putting on you are taking it off.

The fabric in and out have remained in such quality and the only sign of wear and tear is in the care tag that has no more ink on it.

Another just pipped to the post is another dress I used to borrow from my mother. 
It's a diffusion Valentino line - miss V.

Simple dress with a zip detail in front and short capped sleeves cut at the shoulder.
My mother would just wear it on its own but when I borrowed it I wore it with a jacket or blazer. 
She gave it to me but oddly since I have it I haven't worn it.

But what surprises me is how the quality is still taut and fresh but without one ball of fabric that needs to be shaved or plucked.  
I love this dress and for sentimental reasons am keeping it.

I hope enjoyed a bit of closet raiding and for those who celebrate Thanksgiving 
I wish you all the best. 
For those who don't celebrate it, have a lovely weekend x


  1. Love dem Loubs. I have gotten my finger out and ebayed some things. Feels good- do it.
    I lobe white in theory but it will all descend into filth. Wear that dress, it'll look smokin hot on you x

    1. I keep saying I'll eBay and never do...will need to lose 10 pounds to fit and another 10 to look decent! Xx

  2. love this! Get those shoes resoled!!! It is expensive to do here and am am slowly getting everything re-soled to prolong their life! xxx

  3. Love the white Ferragamo jacket! All the beautiful detail on the inside too! Could be worn so many ways - would be particularly good as white on black or grey - or with colours.
    Nowadays can't wear these beautiful shoes and heels - o me miserum! So I tend to go for handbags instead. We used to call my mother Imelda because of her shoe collection! She loved shoes and always looked after them so well. But a different size from me - so I gave them away to her friends and to our Op Shop. I still have her favourite pair for sentimental reasons though. Happy Thanksgiving! Pammie

    1. I am a handbag girl too but the second lasting items are shoes for me. My mother has small feet so shoes weren't shareable which was such a shame! Happy thanksgiving X

  4. Shoes are a good 'investment' (such an oxymoron) in your wardrobe as quality (at whatever price point) will last years and transcend fashion. I am always in the cobbler getting things resoled. I also find it hard to part with a stalwart pair that I love, but that is looking tatty and needs to be farewelled.
    That jacket is fabulous too! Lucky you to raid your mum's wardrobe. Unfortunately my Mum and I had different style, although we used to share things back when I was a teenager more… weirdly! That was the era of the big earrings and shoulder pads though, so there was crossover! Am enjoying this series xx

    1. If anything I'm way more conservative than my mother in some ways. She had a good figure so wore dresses with a snug cut which I barely did in my 20's even. But she had a fab shoe collection I could share. But shoes I have bought have really served me well and I'm glad I made those choices because shoe prices have risen sooo much that i dread having to replace a key player in my wardrobe with the new prices... Xx

  5. Beautiful closet stalwarts! Since your last post I've been in the mind of looking after my best shoes and my Gucci loafers and Chanel flats are both waiting by the front door to go to the shoe repair to be re-soled. But it's boots weather here now so I forgot, this is a good reminder to get my butt moving on it tomorrow.
    Those Loub's are really perfect, what a good buy and your JS bargain pair too.
    We don't celebrate tomorrow as our Thanksgiving was 6 weeks ago, my hubs and I were just talking about how nice it would be to go into a holiday right now, but alas it's work for us.
    You have a lovely weekend too XOX

    1. Yes it is boot westher! Funny I had boots but wore them out and went past the resole stage and now I need new boots. My head is spinning. Pure comfort or some attempt at looking civil?! Have a lovely weekend xx

  6. I bought a Barbour a few years ago and loved it until I realized that it adds about seven hundred pounds to ones figure. I hate shoes and mine stay perfect for a looooong time as I wear them for about 25 min a day and am barefoot the rest. My neighbor yells at me every morning when she's walking her dog and I'm standing outside in -25 or on scorching hot pavement barefoot. My sister is a performer and buys Jessica Simpson shoes 4-5 pairs at a time as she swears they hold up better than anything else. Alright I'm drunk and delirious and I think I just heard my stock or gravy boil over and I genuinely have no recollection of which it could be. But if I have to clean my range again, I'm locking all the doors and turning on Barbara Streisand and weeping.

    1. Oh don't. I look a beached whale as its white as well but I'm a comfortable beached white beluga whale! Funny BC I think we are all thinking about you today and wondering how it's all going in your kitchen you do realise?!?! We expect a minute to minute recap!!:)

  7. Just goes to show, what comes around goes around. Those pointy 14 year old shoes of yours are all the rage right now. Adored seeing your favorite shoes, particularly the mesh ones, which reminded me of a similar pair (in red) I wore to death as a teenager.

    The quilted jacket is a classic, of course, and I too adore them. I have one in olive green and off-white and they are so useful to throw on when nipping out with the dog or running a quick errand.

    Btw, I too own a pair of JS shoes (going on six years) and the quality is outstanding for the price. I liked them so much I purchased two pairs. Which brings me to my favorite espadrilles - black satin with grosgrain ribbons, going on 14 years. Those I loved so so much I purchased two pair in black and one in turquoise. Still going strong each and every summer and I know I shall cry when they start falling apart. No sign of that yet.

  8. Love that jacket. The lining is exquisite!

  9. My most expensive shoes are my most uncomfortable shoes. My Louboutins....they are literally just for display now, I can't remember the last time I wore them because of the discomfort. Now a good kitten heel would be perfect although I guess it would be a little more difficult to see the signature red soul and let's be honest thats why we buy Louboutins, because it certainly aint for the comfort! The shoes that have really lasted through time of mine is some booties I bought from Shelleys (not sure if you'd know that shop?) anyway I had them for just over 10 years now and still wearing them. Have a lovely weekend! xx

  10. Cute. You have pretty feet and I'll bet pretty hands. i would l stick my shoes on more but I have the chicken feet. I gave away my pointy jimmy choos, pale pink, anything that doesn't have a lot under the toes is incredibly painful for me


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