Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Round up beautiful objects seen at Masterpiece London and Alesund, Norway

Sometimes I am like the blogger version of a wedding DJ and I take requests.
Jill from Everything Just So asked me to go to Masterpiece London and I did try and take a picture of those ballerina brooches but they said pictures had to preapproved with communications so I couldn't...Sorry but I did try!

Let me start at the small city of Alesund in Norway.
I went to a small antique store that had the most astonishing and sophisticated selection of objets d'art that could parallel any major art capitol.

Look at these
guilloche ( there is an accent over the e but I am borrowing Mr CSW's PC) enamel teacups!

This Danish art deco tea set had me doing foreign exchange calculations from Kroner to sterling.
These enamel salt shakers were divine.
In certain circles, it was considered poor manners not to have several salt shakers on the dinner table and it was seen gauche to ask to pass the salt.
He had competitive prices because the same shakers but as a set of two sold for the same price as the set of 6 in London.

Objects like this is what made Tiffany a world class name and it should go back to its roots before it loses its brand credibility for good.

Faberge never hurt nobody.
If only the translucent nature of the cup could be translated properly in the picture.

Only because a dear friend was holding her masters show at Central Saint Martins did I manage to get the energy to go and see it the day after I arrived from my trip.

These ceramic lights took my interest because they were fragile yet moveable from the rubber bands.

These are my friend's water filter project and her ceramic jugs.
She has made some inserts that you can place in your own pouring and drinking vessels.
So clever.
Not that she's anti Brita but she is a true boho and has one of the most sophistsicated palates around and she wants to bring some panache and good design to water filters.
Watch this space.

There was also the usual art student stuff and believe it or not this top made out of fake finger nails was the best thing in the MA Fashion department...

I went to an auction preview to see what cheeky bids I could put in.
I didn't put it on this...
This was Eva Braun's calling card.
Yes. That one!

I didn't even other putting a bid on this set of Herend but in the end I don't have the space but it ended up going for about £300 for the lot.

I didn't get this bergere chair because I put in as always a cheeky bid.
 I had to because of the cost of upholstery in this country.
Although I do like the trim.

Paintings like this don't exist in Asia.

If you have the space you can still get bargains on big brown furniture.
This armoire had great details for half the cost of IKEA.

Went to Masterpiece today which was held in the same grounds as the Chelsea Flower show.
Can you feel the heat?
Boiling today.

It's a lovely event and like being in a museum where everything is available for purchase.
A bit of a downer for an oligarch who loves the chase.

They had these huge flower arrangements dotted around everywhere!

There were some never publicly seen pastels by Monet.

I know they are a bit old fashioned but I love a Fantin-Latour and they look good with all sorts of furniture which is handy!

This folding screen was supposedly painted by a Napoleonic prisoner of war who was held in Sissinghurst. How gorgeous is the chinoiserie cabinet?

This event proved to be a big deal indeed as so many dealers made a huge effort in their stands.

Sorry about this picture but this stand below won the award for best display because they brought wall paneling and the floor from Paris.

When I got my engagement ring, I almost went for an antique Roman carnelian ring.
While I have nothing against diamonds and like them like everyone else, I have always admired the artwork and the stories ( known and unknown) to these rings.
I have a huge fascination for the  quatrefoils / Byzantine cross / four leaf clover motif.
I tried on this 6th century Byzantine ring.
Just because.

Not that I would wear it on the same hand as where I wear my quatrefoil bracelet that is also carnelian which surely was a sign, it's an item I could imagine wearing with frequency.
I asked the price then regretted not going with my gut and getting an antiquity ring because it seems the prices have quadrupled since I got engaged...

Meanwhile, my imaginary shopping trip was filling the trolley.

Long time readers will know that my lottery win purchase is the zip necklace by Van Cleef which
I wrote about here.
The brooches by Van Cleef were shown by another dealer but this necklace was at the Van Cleef stand itself.
Love the ladybug.

They also showed some of their vintage pieces.

This bed was the main attraction at Rose Uniacke's stand.
The bed was 68,000 pounds and it didn't include the bedding.
That was extra.

I was walking around and saw this Mason 1800's chinoiserie fireplace surround.
It was porcelain fired in 8 different parts.
I didn't even bother asking the price.

There was so much Delft to choose from and this was what I walked away with.
In my dreams.

This was a nice crisp blue and white Sevres piece.
This floral gilt set was on the other end of the spectrum but lucky I am not picky.

The cameo stand.

I fell in love with this gilt and leather Indian shield.

Oddly this piece won the award for best piece of jewellry but it did nothing for me.

This painting won the award for best something or rather which I can not recall.
It won due to the perspective as when you stand next to it you feel you are next to the Eiffel Tower.

Wouldn't these Chinese Chippendale chairs and planter go so well with that fireplace surround?

But then we would have to find a suitable table and that would be a headache so I guess I am saved from that trauma..! ;P

Hope you are all well x


  1. Oh, I just love all these gorgeous table pieces..I've never given a rat's ass about jewelry (sorry Jill) but one extravagance I love is a well crafted tea set and an artfully laid table...which needn't have a bunch of expensive pieces.

    1. I love "fancy" stuff but to be honest as long as I have hot sauce, Mayo, mustard and good food I am happy! Although I'd be lying if I said I am googling enamel tea cups like crazy...

  2. Thank you for sharing-all were gorgeous Naomi- particularly liked the enamel tea cups and tiffany spoons and dont get me started on the Fantin-Latour-swoon!!! So interesting to see how much it all costs over their. Enjoy your week Marilyn xx

    1. I don't think I'd ever buy flowers for a room that had a fantin-layout in a room. The Tiffany set was truly one of its fine examples of their glory days. Auctions are still where I got my best bargains even more than bric a brac shops! Xx

  3. Oh Naomi THANK YOU for going to this event and being my eyes! I cannot believe ol' GSL above is so dismissive about truly fabulous and amazing jewelry. I bet some spiffy cufflinks would change his mind. Love all the VCA you captured, I have never seen a zip necklace with a ladybug! Also, you sly thing you, thank you for that little hit of VCA on your arm. Gorgeous! You lucky lady! I hope to join you in that bracelet one day, mine will probably be onyx! So glad you tried on that 6th century ring and I so hear you re the obsession with the quatrefoil and clover motif.

    Can't believe VCA said no to fabulous you re the ballerina clip. What were they thinking, you being one of their biggest fans and all? I protest on your behalf!

    Love the shirt made out of fake nails, oh the things kids these days think up! Thank you for this post, you have made my day! xx

    1. I went thru a spiffy cufflink phase in the late 80s...and almost bought a Rolex ..I remind myself of this whenever I'm feeling too self righteous.

    2. Glad you liked Jill! But to let you know VCA didn't mind but the brooches were at another specialist jewellery dealer stand and it was very tense in there BC they had a full range of vintage stuff. VCA had crazy security. I must say the Alhambra is something I never tire of and still haven't after 20 years. It's one of the most pleasing shapes. I love onyx too and would get one in every color!!! Xx

    3. GSL you do make me laugh sometimes!

  4. Mind-bogglingly beautiful things.
    My fella binge-watches Antiques Roadshow and I end up getting sucked in. But the things on this blog post are better.

    1. Isn't antiques roadshow so much fun although I like the UK version best, I would love a French or Italian one x

  5. Gah! So jealous you get to go and see all these beautiful things. From your local auction rooms to that exhibition…. all pieces are just stunning! Loved those tea cups so much you featured first, and had no idea Norway was such a great place to go antique shopping?!
    Agree with you about Tiffanys - do they even do any hand work anymore? It just seems to me to be full of mass produced one carat diamond rings, sterling silver trinkets and things that are gifty… not so much the artistry of the past.
    That mantlepieces is also stunning. I'm shocked you didn't crumble and buy it though:) It's very you….

    1. Norway was a enamel workshop centre at the turn of the last century but they couldn't afford to buy it themselves so the Norwegians appreciate guilloche objects. So now they have money there is a good market. But their tea paraphernalia was outstanding in that store. The spoons were so unusual and not common here oddly. Tiffany's new director is trying but that "t" collection is not cutting it but it might do a Gucci but it needs a Tom ford, that mantelpiece is still on my mind. I didn't ask the price BC I would have done something silly and then be sued for divorce. The deale was like- well I hear chinoiserie is coming back - and I was like - coming back? And he had it against a magnolia wall and had no clue. Next year please come with me!!! Xx

    2. I can't believe the dealer???!!! Yes I would LOVE to come next year. Am still working on leaving the country at some stage….
      I recently fell in love with a pair of Regency book stands. They'd look perfect in my library/ sitting room. Unfortunately they're at Martyn Cook antiques in Sydney… and so I felt they might be out of my price range. Later found out through 1stdibs that they're $75,000. So sad!

  6. Wow all so pretty. Love it that you are an auction girl. I never get anything I bid for!! That Herend is a bargain xxx

    1. I love an auction I do!! The excitement is addictive hence the absentee bids otherwise I have gotten carried away! That Herend was but I already have a cupboard full of China but I love to feast my eyes xxx

  7. So interesting and visually beautiful Naomi! I have always wanted to visit Denmark ... Adored the magnificent fireplace and all the porcelain! Thank You xxx

    1. You would have gone crazy and need smelling salts like I did! Next time make sure you come back for this xxx

  8. So pretty. What a pain to set up, move that bed repeatedly.

  9. Ooh I want the chinoiserie cabinet. Even if I had to throw out the bed and sleep on and air mattress in the course of rearranging things to get it in my home... Probably not the best idea.

    You're right about Tiffany. Sigh. A dealer friend told me that while the large stones are still carefully picked, the smaller stones are not the best quality and he always had to fight with disappointed heirs - "but it's a Tiffany piece."

    1. Yes I have heard that about their diamonds too. They used to come up with real hit items but they got complacent and opened in every strip mall in America! Breakfast at Tiffanys only has so many legs!!

  10. Looks like lots of fun...

    While you're suffering with our hot weather, we're drowning with yours!


    1. You would have loved it all but then I wish I was at your sale!! It's cooled a bit thankfully!! Xx

  11. Welcome back Naoimi, looks like you had a fab trip.

    Strangely, that fake nail art top appeals - so very, very clever and creative.

    I think the title of "Blogger DJ" suits you. Are you taking requests?

    1. That nail thing was the only thing that was worthy of a pic. I didn't get any of it!

      And yes I do take requests as long as it's legal hehe ;)

  12. I love guilloche, pretty much on anything. And you made me laugh out loud, big brown furniture indeed:).

    1. I think they are a bargain but tragic they don't fit through many front doors!

  13. You are a sophisticated Blogger DJ, remember the time you went into Brora after I asked you to and of course you met up with the owner herself? I loved that.
    I want that Chippendale planter! XO

    1. Hehe! I got so lucky and was so chuffed when I was like - you know Dani right? And she said of course! You can take that planter BC I'm saving for that ring!! Xx

  14. Those cups are stunning! I love that you're our DJ now, I will come up with a request! Was down meeting up with some peeps, that's it, I have committed to saving my pennies for four trips a year, I love London, I just need to find a job there!

    1. Yes please do come up with a request!! and hope you find something down here soon too

  15. Naomi love your shopping trips! There are some beautiful things in this world. What a deal on that gorgeous armoire and I am crazy for that bed, but I agree that coffee pot was just a really special piece. Hope you are enjoying summer. I've heard you are having some serious heat! xo

    1. My imaginary shopping trips!! There are beautiful things and I think it's nice to see things that will get snapped up and you won't see again too xx

  16. Welcome home! I'm curious what would make a bed worth 68K? Is it just the brand or does it have some special function? I love that the exhibitions you visit reflect how you decorate your home. Before I read the caption I have to work out whether it's a shot in your home or an exhibition. Hope you're well! xx

    1. It's an antique and done by a special craftsmen but still right!! xx

  17. Beautiful objets! The desk and the ring are standout pieces. Love carnelian and I am green with envy over your bracelet. Gorgeous! You have a wonderful eye.

  18. I might go back to filtered water if I could get such elegant filters. The first ring my husband gave me was a copy of a Roman ring ( had a small amethyst). It was made and bought in Oxford. I loved it. And ,of course, I lost it. The only ring I have ever lost. :(


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