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May 2015 French Vogue and Architectural Digest Magazine round up

I haven't done these in ages because they actually take a lot of editing so I thought I would pick some pictures from various magazines instead of focusing on just one issue like I normally do.

Shall we do the French April 2015 issue of Vogue first?
Cuz you know I am not talking to Anna Wintour right now after our recent disagreements.

Madame Alt did this editorial called 5 a 7
( can't find the accent so could the French punctuation police just let this one run by please) ?

There is no real translation needed as it is numeric but
the implication in France of this is the hours between 5 and 7 pm where people might have a quick dalliance and rendezvous with a lover before they go home.

There were far racier photos I might put on my Pinterest board.
Don't worry nothing you haven't seen before.
Interestingly they don't tell you where the underwear is from.

Regular readers know that I have a brand crush on Celine.
But there is always that moment where things get knocked from a pedastal.
This is that moment.
This reminds me of those horrible 1970's photos where kids who had no control of their lives had to wear.

Love Princess Charlotte.
Normally there is a sycophantic and obligatory fawning over a female royal's looks.
I though Princess Di was striking but no real model caster would have hired her.

There are the usual suspects like KMid and Danish Mary but Princess Charlotte would have turned heads even as a working class civilian with that face.
Mind you she has inherited her grandmother's genes!

This picture is from the recent issue of US Architectural Digest.
Sometimes I find nowadays design is always thought of from a photogenic angle.
This inner courtyard pool area looks so calming and will be pinned and put on inspiration boards.

But then you see if from the aerial view and you realize how convoluted it all is and I would have changed the staircase around.
 But that's just me.

Oh Martha, you always please.
She does flowers in a way that you think you could do.
Of course one can't forget Carolyn Roehm but you couldn't achieve what she does without a floristry degree and some help.

Of course she didn't do this but her team always finds the newcomers and I like this lateral form of these bouqets.

One of the closest modern versions of the Mitford sisters is the Miller sisters.
I wonder if in 50 years they will be treated with the same mythic view.
This is the LA home of the youngest Miller sister Alex.

The Borromeo sisters are cooler but they are Italian and not within the Anglo culture sphere of 
North America, the UK, and the Antipodes.

The house is very AD in its design qualities.
White, stark, and of "that school".
As closets of billionare heiresses go - this was kinda boring.
Where is the refrigerated bag storage area?
Where is the dry cleaner like electric clothes hangers that turn round and round?

She must be chilled out because
I would be having a word with my housekeeper for not folding and putting away that sweater 
on the chair especially when 
I told her Architectural Digest was coming to take pictures for crying out loud!!

It's just my sense of humour and taste but this bedroom encapsulates the reason why the Miller sisters don't hold that much allure for me.
There are a few no-no's and when you have a limitless budget and zoning laws in LA are rather lax compared to many areas so I wonder how the couple chose this as their ultimate bedroom.

I have been to homes with better art than that who had a much smaller wallet.
I try not to judge so much as I get older and I have questionable art for some but unfortunately I tend to do a basic pop psychology assessment with art.
Is the postmodern hastag #sorry not sorry apt here?

But also that Louis Vuitton throw!
It's like the double ironic decor statement.
"I am rich" is what that throw primally states.
But most in the design world wouldn't construe that throw in that way.
It would be seen by most in the design world as something a mistress in Beijing would have put on her bed while waiting for her sugar daddy to visit her.
And yet no - it's back to - hey I am rich!

Anyway, who knew furniture placement was so important?

I reckon this family has some major issues - like the Carrington's from Dynasty kinda issues.

I am always excited to see a home by Pierre Berge or rather a home he commissions.
His homes are the few homes that AD and I consistently agree on but this home was a bit standard and as nice as it is - it is exactly the sort of house you expect from an immensely wealthy home that is located in Paris. ( link on his name above if you would like to see more)

Gosh I am so obvious.
My favorite bit was the leopard carpet with wood details and brass touches based on a deep tonal green like any other girl who went to private school.

This was a rather juicy issue of AD because it was a cross of society gossip and decor.
Looking at the picture above - 
I have nothing really nice to say and don't have the energy to word it diplomatically.

But it is the home of THE power gay couple in London.
I can't delve too much but let's just say that even the hottest, youngest, thinnest girl with big boobs hedge fund wife was not feeling safe after their affair.

I never tire of a Moroccan home.
A riad is just so balanced and even in small dimensions still have an allure.
It might be the balance and features incorporated into the edifice itself.

There was nothing original in this riad but because I have such a soft spot I don't mind.

One of my design favorites is Alberto Pinto.
This was the flat he left to his sister in Paris.

Geez - maybe beautiful is a bit boring because I got nothing to say but I love it!

Have a great weekend, May day and while we are at it - hope you have a wonderful month of May! xx


  1. Replies
    1. Me too - even though I have cut down I still have about 8 subscriptions!

  2. The image of the lilacs with the reference to Carolyne Roehm reminds me of a visit to Reggie Darling's home in upstate New York, and driving to Connecticut to see Bunny Williams (sorry about the name dropping). We drove by Carolyne's house and the place was literally dripping with the most gorgeous lilacs everywhere! I had never seen them growing in the wild and in such profusion.

    It's the second picture in this post:

    1. Things en masse make everything look better no?

      Gosh - was it the amazing summer home of hers with that amazing pool area? It's one of my dream outdoor pool areas!!!

  3. Fab post with lots of onteresting tidbits: 5-7 I had previously viewed only in terms of drink specials; now prefer the French subtitled version.

    1. They need specials to bring the punters in who are otherwise engaged ;)

      Have a great weekend GSL

  4. You always make me laugh. I remember when they were "marketing" the Miller sisters a while back. They seems to be at it again. And that Celine outfit: there are no words.

    1. That Celine outfit was as bad as the rest of their collection is good!

  5. Have you been to the Alhambra in Spain? The Palace hotel in Dubai? Love luxe middle eastern style architecture x
    Those green curtains- very 1970s!

    1. Love the Alhambra!! Even better than riads in Morocco. X

  6. Just laughed so much over that Celine jumpsuit and your comment!!!
    I didn't mind this AD. THe past few I've absolutely hated, but I agree with you that the Miller sister's house was pretty awful. So bland, and weird with the boring art and LV throws etc. So white.
    Constance Spry is definitely getting a revival with the current mode of flower arranging and dahlia love. It's the 50's all over again! xx

    1. But that jumpsuit is so featured on many peoples childhood pics snd I cringe! I had one in corduroy...let me rephrase my mother bought it and I just wore it. The LV throws were painful! I have an original C Spry book and it's surprisingly modern but bad pictures...xx

  7. Oh Celine what were you THINKING!

    1. P philo must have gone through her toddler pics!!

  8. Always laugh out loud when reading your posts Naomi! Do you still get your mags on your iPad? I've changed back to the printed page... NOTHING replaces the sitting down with a cup of tea and a new mag thing! xx

    1. I get most on iPad except for UK house and garden and world of interiors. I find they are like coffee table book worthy. But going digital has reduced all my tear sheets and Pinterest helps me be organised! Xx

  9. I'm no interior stylist but that Miller sister's bedroom looks like a before picture......I was scrolling thinking there was going to be an after picture, but alas, it appears this is how she likes her bedroom. I couldn't agree more with the Vuitton throw, in fact for some reason, just with the Vuitton brand I always think when I see people with luggage and bags and scarves that it's a bit 'look at me, look at me - I'm rich!', but I never think like that with all the other expensive brands. Maybe I've developed an intolerance after seeing so many people wear the counterfeit LV versions! xx

    1. It's funny about LV right? I like some of their old luggage and chests. At least they do editions which people seem to enjoy but it's a complicated brand isn't it? I like their epi leather because it's not copied like their monogram. But it's still so popular that they limit one bag per person still in big cities!! Xx

  10. I don't buy any of these magazines now but rest in the knowledge that you'll post a marvelously funny and insightful round up of the best, thank you.

    That Celine pic. is certainly reminiscent of my cringe-worthy teen outfits. One in particular comes to mind (red flares and a roll-neck to match!). What was I (or my mother) thinking?

    1. I just did as I was told but I am hoping my mother just bought what was available and choice wasn't so good be gap kids wasn't invented yet!

  11. Actually, this posts is very interesting indeed! It brings to mind the idea of how advertising uses architecture (especially grand and opulent architecture) to sell fashion or luxury goods. In another blogger's site where she sells sourced products made to her specifications, she also uses pictures of grandeur (often of architecture) to evoke a 'desire to belong' to that class and so they buy, buy, and buy! Clever indeed! Thanks, Naomi!

    1. I think every single aspect is thought of whether the art director gets it right or wrong is another story! Yes I think a grand home projects something onto the objects around it too. Thanks Anon.

  12. Naomi, Always enjoy your roundups of the magazines. I saw Alex Miller's home too. So uninspiring. The backyard was pretty though. Well she should be bland I guess she's queen of the plexiglass furniture empire or something.. I find the Miller sisters boring. My one gripe with magazines is the exultation of the rich. I'd rather read a regular gal's blog and see her style anyday over this boring crap and the LV throw says it all. No style and no imagination, just loads of money! xx

  13. Charlotte Casiraghi is not a princess. Just sayin'. (But very pretty like her mother and grandmother who are/were, princesses).

  14. Agree with you about that wee pool - why don't they listen to us??
    Charlotte just like her grandmother, beautiful


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