Monday, 2 February 2015

French Vogue February 2015 Review Part 2

It's Fashion Week so I thought I would get into the spirit of things.

I will be posting one more as there were so many pictures.

I appreciate they have to cram as much material in and please all the advertisers but this is just overkill no?  
The new interns/stylists need to read Coco Chanel's memo about taking one thing off before she left home.
Celine amped up its accessories although still quite streamlined considering. But Celine rarely does any wrong in my eyes.

Fashion designers in comic sketches are saying things like,
" Next season, I'm feeling Russian revolutionary meets Peruvian potato farmer."

Well, meet Dolce Gabbana's theme of Half Sicilian wench and 
Half Seville torero.
Fancy Spanx / Tour de France with lace pants is not going to catch on as outerwear.

I don't like to be told how to carry my clutch in a passive aggressive manner.
I am thinking crime forensics will appreciate these blade runners 
to narrow down criminal suspects.

This C'est Vogue editorial really had no cohesion except for a strong electric fan artfully blowing hair.
This pose is unexplainable unless she just kneed her cheating lover.

           I have a feeling that strong wind blew her trousers off.

If she was really worried about her modesty she could just untie her shirt and put it on.

I don't know about you but during times of stress I have had nightmares like the pic below.

Don't even think about playing the blinking game with this girl.

Vogue France like every other world edition loves their 
girls related to influential people "fashion ingenues" .
She's a relative of the Prada matriarchs.  
She says she loves fashion. 
If you don't speak French, believe me you are not missing out on much with this interview.

Not all music was listened to on an iPad.
Remember the old days?

Long gone are the days where you could just hire the Grand Palais in Paris and hold a fashion show. Unless you do something to get in the press or do something photogenic to get free publicity on social media it doesn't get any traction.

Chanel did a pre-collection show in an Austrian chalet and
 Dior hired a sumo stadium in Tokyo to do theirs.

No Vogue editor could not mention the passing of a great fashion designer Oscar de la Renta.
He was one of the first designers I remember as a child.
I envied Amal Clooney - 
not so much for marrying George but because she had the chance to work personally with the legend himself.

Vale Oscar.


  1. How'd I miss the first part?! Off to see your review as soon as I find my sons old Under Armor jock shorts from his baseball days. I will be styling according to Dolce...did I keep the cup for them?

    1. Mercury retrograde ;)
      Yes sexy pitcher look I think is how it's translated in the states!

  2. LOVE your take on the ridiculous world of vogue, hysterical!

  3. Ah... every time i need to catch up on whats trending, you are the first blog i reach for...

    Looks like this season im not missing much though! WHERE ARE THE BOTTOMS?

    Im sorry fashion; but at this point and time wearing a skirt/pants/something in public is still required by law here in the I would never ever sit again on any chair at a restaurant if this becomes a trend...

    1. Seriously, where were the bottoms!! Luckily like most trends they will be over by tomorrow!!!

    2. These pics reminded me of when our son was a little boy at the beach. We were walking past a girl sunbathing topless when he suddenly said "Did you forget your bathers?"

      Talk about Emperor's New Clothes! Really I am just confused though. And definitely not tempted by Vogue's latest fashion treatments.

      About Coco's dictum of taking one thing off before she left home. Sometimes she was really loaded up (beautifully!) with multiple chains and strands of pearls - so, not always minimalist and sometimes hard to take her maxim seriously. I tend to do the opposite, more likely to put three things on. But that's just my style. Never a minimalist. At least not in many years.

      Love your comments, particularly on different designers' efforts to make a splash! Pammie

    3. PS The young Oscar was completely gorgeous! Pammie

    4. Never a truer word than said by the mouths of babes!
      And speaking of babes, Oscar was one even though he was rarely referred to in that manner hehe

      Very good point about Coco - I think it was a case of do as I say and not as I do!?

  4. Hello Naomi,

    Gosh, this all looks very busy. Bad hair days take on a whole new meaning with this issue and, as you say, why are there so many half outfits. Is this the new minimalism or did the stylists simply run out of ideas?

    We have to say that we really did not like anything here. Pardon!

    1. They had soooo many editorials this month! The staff must have been energised over the new year break! I do hope wearing bottoms stays in fashion!!

  5. I know it would be as useful as a chocolate teapot, but I'd quite like one of those fancy-shmancy lovey-glovey Maison Perrin bags from their newly launched website...Maybe they'll make me one from Amazonia!

    1. Well you could personalise it and make it into a piece? I think I not only need to walk around with my own lighting director but a fan..!

  6. The best thing about this issue, at least from your amusing take on things, is the beautiful early photograph of Mr. de la Renta. What a handsome gent he was.

    As for the rest of it, you've once again reminded me of why I don't bother with these supposed tomes of fashion any longer, and for that I thank you kindly.

    1. Some issues are better than others but most are unintentionally funny alas...

      I agree that Oscar was so handsome and his old school presence will be missed.

  7. Fancy spanx. Spunds good to me.

    SSG xxx

  8. Vogue France sure is entertaining. I agree about the ingenues related to someone famous.. A lot of them are writing columns as well in American Vogue and it is something I really dislike. In fact I didn't renew my Vogue this year for the first time ever! I read the daily one online, but frankly sick of these shallow young people and the exaltation of the Kardashian women too. Love your reviews always!! Oscar was a gem. x Kim

    1. While I believe in genetics I don't think there's an automatic pass and nepotism even in aesthetics rarely work...funny bc this is also the first year I don't have a subscription either to us vogue!!! Just let it run out and im not missing it either xx

  9. Actually, my heart sank a bit when I did eventually open this issue. I don't know: I've gone off Fr Vogue a bit. I wasn't enchanted by too much in there this month. Loved ODLR, though; charming and old school. You are very funny in your analysis and deconstruction. Keep it up.

    1. This issue had loads of pictures though no?! It just never seemed to end but I prefer less but better styled pictures. But I suppose they have advertisers to please. This is now the only vogue I read though so I hope they come up with a few great issues in between x

  10. Apart from the handsome ODLR, this edition of Vogue seems to have fallen into a bottomless pit. A hair-raising experience by all accounts. Thanks for the entertainment and laughs.

  11. I always love reading your reviews... Seriously some of the pics?????

    1. Thank you Stephanie and yes some of the pics were dubious!


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