Thursday, 29 January 2015

Rainbow Tulips

Just got back from Amsterdam.

Short share post.

Holland is known for these tulips.

Amsterdam is known for this.

Those two hooked up one night and these are their love babies.

PS I probably won't be able to replying to comments because I just got back and have to go to the dentist again today!

PPS Here are some pics I posted on Instagram but 
you can view here via webstagram for those of you who are not on IG.


  1. Hello Naomi,


    We have been following your Netherlands trail on Instagram with much interest. Having visited Rotterdam last year, we are so looking forward to a further trip, to include Amsterdam, this year. It is, as you have found such a wonderfully lively and culturally rich country.

    And the flowers.......everywhere the flowers......are wonderful!

  2. I also have been following your trip on IG. Thanks for taking me along. The flowers are beautiful.

  3. I need to pay more attention to IG and Amsterdam is another desired destination I have yet to get to.

  4. Love the first tulips. Do not love the second!

  5. Welcome back! Love the psychedelic tulips.....

  6. Hmmm.... not so sure about those rainbow tulips, but I know they'll be a big hit in San Francisco if ever they were to reach the flower market there.

    I recall walking along the floating flower market in Amsterdam many years ago and being impressed that one could buy not only flowers (the tulips were everywhere!), but also the bulbs to take home and plant.

  7. Love tulips, despise pot. Would love to hear more about your trip. Good luck at the dentist, something else I despise! XO, Jill

  8. Oh no. The dentist! Think pretty flowers!

    1. And if you get enough pain killer you may even see the multi-coloured tulips. :)

  9. Yep, those flowers look pretty high!

  10. Those 'love babies' are scary! Genetic engineering in everything nowadays, e.g. food, etc. -- in unscrupulous hands, we are all doomed! :-( Emily

  11. Aaaw how lovely you went to Amsterdam. It's so convenient and cheap travel wise, I'm surprised I don't visit more often myself. Those flowers are certainly on some sort of high. Nice to look at but I don't think I'd bring them home with me xx

  12. Did you just love it? One of my very favorite cities and the food is fantastic. I'll check out your pics. Funny Naomi I saw the same in the flower markets, but not the psychedelic tulips!!!

  13. Ouch, the dentist's - brings out the coward in me! I much prefer the tulips in the fabric that you bought the other week to the chemically altered variety. But FIFTY blooms for just a few euros, now that really is mind blowing!

  14. Oh no! Visits to the dentist terrify me! Even just seeing the dental hygienist. Good luck! But lots of nice things to focus on while you're there, including all those tulips - prefer the traditional ones myself though. The psychedelic ones are kind of freaky. Your trip to the Netherlands must have been wonderful! Pammie xxx


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