Sunday, 14 September 2014

French Vogue September Issue 2014

I am in the middle of my travels so I haven't had the time to do all the September issues of various countries.  I am only sharing this French September issue of Vogue for your viewing.
( PS there is an editorial with some nudity so please stop here if that offends you.)

I love this picture and I don't normally like red.


These diamond hoop earrings combine both luxury and every usage well.
Too much jewellry ironically doesn't get used because it is too previous and never gets the literal chance to shine.

Not too sure about these Coco Chanel perfume bottle earrings.



They really wanted to style that hat but ran out of ideas.
This topless boxer doesn't look good on anyone so please don't try this at home.

This red coat is great if you are a high fashion flasher.


French Vogue loves Edie and I find her great because, well, because she isn't Cara.


I would have gone crazy over this dress but am upset that she is smoking in this picture.
There is a blog post coming on that issue when I get back to normal scheduling.

Remeber Betty Blue?



The daughter of the LVMH dynasty is known to be a Celine fan and wear that in her daily life even though she is raising the flag for Louis Vuitton in this feature.

Carla's back.  And the way French politics is going - she may be back at the Palace after Hollande's term ends.


These pair of Miu Miu boots or have made several editorials and will be pounding the pavements near you in a few months!
No comments on this post but hope you are all well!
Fingers crossed for the Scottish election which may mean different things to different people...

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