Monday, 9 June 2014

June 2014 Insta Post Part 1

Still hectic but I have a feeling that if I don't continue this is how bloggers think they will rest and stop all together so I am plogging on. ( that's plodding on and blogging )

When I came back to London, I found that Hyde Park and changed in the 3 weeks I was away.
The pedal boats were out but then so was all the algae.
There are times when the algae can really stink so they tend to have to cull it about twice a year.

London really gets into the spirit of the Chelsea flower show and a lot of stores do their own displays.
No one will convince me to wear socks with heels.
Not even Karl who designed this all in one bootie Chanel contraption for those who are into this trend.
I love recycled wellies.

One garden I forgot to feature in my flower show posts 
was the silver gilt winner West Green House.
It was one of my favorites! 
 Maybe it is because I don't have a trained eye but I would really love to know why the judges didn't award her a gold.  
It was also one of the more popular ones judging by the crowds standing in front of it.
She had a great eye for detail and it hit all the right notes of balance, beauty, and livability.

She is also an Australian who bought a property in Hampshire and has lovingly restored it.
The gardens are open for most of the year.
It has made such an impression I plan on visiting once later this summer.

I on the other hand am not getting any garden awards.
This is my first outdoor furniture I ever got. I bought it in the 90's.
I only kept it because it is an original French iron wrought table that had the top broken last summer.
It looked so pathetic that one of  my artistic neighbours put 4 planks of wood so I could at least rest a cup of coffee on it.  Then another neighbour took pity on it and has offered to make a new top. 

I went to Bristol and dropped into their museum.
This is one of the original Bristol Boxkites they still have hanging.

They had a special temporary section there.
Don't know if you heard in the news but the artist known as Banksy left a painting in front Broad Plains Boys Club in Bristol.

The painting was then taken to the famous "Antiques Roadshow" and valued at around £400,000 which will benefit the boys club
 and hopefully do much good.

It may not have the inventory of a London museum but it does seem to have a more educational approach.  In London museums, one feels like one needs an official tour or guide but in Bristol they had a lot more plaques that explained the displayed artifacts.

This fine example of Liverpool Delft is a posset jug.
It was a special pot used in festive occasions that was shared and served a type of egg nog called posset.

They had tiles that any household would find a way to make use of.
It was interesting that some of the tiles didn't look "old-fashioned" and would not have looked out of place in any reputable tile shop.

I don't plan on becoming an antiques expert but I love learning these little tidbits of markings on porcelain.

My standout memorable pieces were these colored glass from China that had such a vibrant hue of pink and yellow made a couple of hundred years ago.

I found myself completely taken with the following boxed sets of utensils.
Then I realized I loved how everything had its place. 
So tidy. 

On the drive back I noticed a hill that looked very similar to the Microsoft screen saver that they also got from the west country.

I met Cilla from the lovely and engaging blog Cilosophy for lunch on her travels around Europe.  I took the new double decker buses that are all nice and clean and there was no traffic.

We were really busy as we went to Liberty.
Dropped off at Anthropolgie.
Had a wander around Fortnum's.
Don't you love this faux orchid Philp Treacy headpiece?
Something for Ascot?
Fortnum's is the type of place where you get flower specked shower caps but I wouldn't dare get it wet.

Did you know that Mr Fortnum who started the store back in the 1700's was a footman in the royal court of Queen Anne and started out by recycling half lit candles?

Can you believe it's June?!
Does time really go faster as you get older?
Here's to a safe June x


  1. I had a fab time- we must do it again x

  2. Also I can see those heel socky things making their way to the high street and then going the way of the skirts over pants look. Also, on the topic of shoes, some Turkish stores do nice designer knock offs- think Valentino and ferragamo. x

    1. I didn't include pictures of all the jewels mainly because all those armed guards intimidate me! Women in Istanbul are very stylish so I bet they do lovey things for sure. But not even Karl in real life could make me wear those sock heel thingys!! Hope you're having fun x

  3. 1. I've been to West Green!

    2. It was divine

    3. Marylyn Abbot was there with her small dogs. She has excellent hair

    4. I've met Cilla!!

    5. We ate oysters and she told me about her PHD

    6. Love Liberty and every other shop you have here x

    1. You went to the garden? She seems a most interesting woman and she gave a great interview to Monty. Cilla and I had burgers and cake! You would have loved all the 10 carat diamonds we walked by! xx

  4. That is just fascinating about the candles. I love historical trivia like that. Lovely little cottage. Plogging. Yep. That's a very good word.

    1. I love trivia and needless knowledge as well. Sometimes I think I should apply for a game show...Plogging is def a newly needed word in our circles Connie!

  5. Wonder-full post to cheer up a rainy Monday. Thanks!

  6. I did not know that about Mr Fortnum; how very enterprising. Plogging is a great word. I must get on with some.

    1. So enterprising and funny enough I also melt the bits at the ends and form new ones and create fire hazards bc I can't let that clump of what would be about 5 quid go to waste!!

  7. You may have coined a new word - plogging. Perhaps you should put a patent on it as your Intellectual Property? Love the post - full of divine photos and interesting tidbits. My work colleagues gave me lovely silver earrings for the last big birthday and they came from Liberty, so, whenever I see a photo of the Liberty shoppe I imagine my colleague choosing them for me and then bringing them all the way back to Oz. I wear the said earrings almost every day. Re the shower caps - I really love the ones you get in hotels the most. I collect them to last me until the next hotel visit. I find they work best at keeping hair actually dry. The fancy ones fail miserably. Love all those tiles and the pieces from China. Tonkath

    1. Plogging does sound like it's been around ages no? Like wifi and upload. Liberty does have this air about it. The staff are great and you don't get lost about too much choice. I bet the earrings are lovely bc Liberty merchandises so well! Aren't those showercaps hilarious? Those delft tiles could definitely go for some serious money on antiques roadshow. I was curious to know how much they would go for but I have a funny feeling that I wouldn't be able to do a whole bathroom in it!!!

  8. Oh forgot - would your garden table support a nice piece of marble or limestone as a top? Would be divine.

    1. It used to be alabaster but it broke last year so we are thinking the same or a cheap limestone bc it frankly hardly ever gets any use.

  9. Your little wander around town with Cilla looks perfect - you've stopped at all the best places! Although funnily enough, while I like a lot about Anthropologie, and like the visual interest of their shops, every time I go in there (which is not often, maybe every 4 years when overseas!) I walk out without buying anything. Not sure what that says about me. My only Anthro purchases have been online.
    That sock with heels thing at Chanel has come from Japan hasn't it? A sort of cross between the school girl fetishist/ cutesy style they do. I hope to God it doesn't take off. I can guarantee I won't be trying it. And if I did, I wouldn't waste the money on Chanel shoes to try the trend out in either. Marylyn Abbott can do no wrong. Her original home in NSW was sublime. Did you know that GP & J Baker did a whole fabric range based on West Green House? One features her chickens. xx

    1. I must google that fabric. I tried to look for her interview online but couldn't find it. She said that she finds she is so much more traditional in her gardening than the Brits and she shocks them with her approach. THey showed her house in NSW and it was indeed beautiful. I can't wait to see her garden in Hampshire - she does little festivals there which look fab too. But I have only ever bought candles at Anthropologie and nothing else. Yes I think those shoes started out fetish and it really should stay that way!! xx

    2. Here's a link to it - the Opera Garden collection

  10. Oh yes Naomi, try to avoid the blogging break if you can, it really can turn in to a full on vacation!! - I know. I'm with you on the socks and shoes trend; there are people who can carry it off very well though such as Fearne Cotton but that's one trend I won't be experimenting with. Aaaah Fortnum and Liberty, I think I'm in need of a trip to London. I've only ever been to Bristol for work. With reference to Mr Fortnum and in the words of the rapper Drake, "I started from the bottom now I'm here" - love that song xx

    1. Ha! You know what I mean right? Instagram is good but I dont carry it on my phone so it won't work really. But perseverance is key and blogging exercies my discipline believe it or not. Yes you need to go to London or rather London needs you! Bristol is really chilled and I like the vibe and most of my fave musicians come from there. I am going to youtube drake now bc I am terrible at musical artist names but yes that should be playing at Fortnum's xx

  11. Love that story about Mr Fortnum! I have to say I love London in June and last year it was quite cold, but still a nice time to be there.. I haven't been to Bristol..Love to see that and the Chelsea Flower show one day and visit her gardens...Adorable cottage garden!

    1. I would have loved to hear his stories - I wish he had written a book but I guess between two jobs it is kind of hard! This season is better than last year which was one of the worst on record! I hope you make it here again soon Kim xx

  12. Firstly I love the wellies and the white lupins. I can imagine how popular this garden was as it has a very natural, welcoming cottage garden feel. The Chinese glass and the tiles are beautiful pieces. You wandered around three of my favourite stores too. In fact I'm ready for another London trip! I can't believe it's June especially today - thunder, lightning and torrential rain!

    1. The weather the last few days have been splendid and they say this summer might be record breaking but they start out saying that every year!!

  13. Such a rich culture and aesthetic you live in. It sure makes our colony seem so young and unfinished. I soak up British Isles' mystery shows just to see the gardens and buildings. Who cares who did it as long as I get to look at where they did it!

  14. I love this post, I find it colorful! I love hats and yes the display at Fortnum is always a pleasure for the eyes. I had no clue that Mr Fortnum was a footman! Any information on Mason? I am curious now.


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