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Architectural Digest March 2014 Highlights

This is purely a sharing post as there are so many pictures and stories in this issue.
I was going to do a proper chit chat about it but then the Vogue cover took over and I am super busy at the moment and haven't had any time to do one.
But it is the March issue so please browse through.

Always been meaning to go to Beirut and each and every time some stupid government turbulence happens and then I get nervous.  
One day...

I am a sucker for desk accessories.
When I was younger it was Hello Kitty and now it's stuff like this.

Mr Corrigan knows his stuff so I will go back to Schumacher and look at samples.
Isn't Schumacher busy with all their new designer collections?

Retail standards are getting higher.
Bright lights don't cut it anymore.

Boutiques need to be a dressed as the women who walk in and out of those changing rooms.

I am such a sucker for Van Cleef but this store 
looks like a cruise ship...

On to the piece that somehow didn't make the cover..?
Pierre Berge's home in Normandy.
He has several so one needs to specify.

His retreat is a Chateau in Normandy that has a dacha inspired home as one of the outbuildings.

Yes, he is the very Pierre that was Yves Saint Laurent's partner.
He was involved in one of the most successful spring cleaning sales of all time at Christie's.

Simply put, they had and he has still - the eye for detail.
He is the one that can get forgotten and eclipsed by Yves but he has had an influence on all of us through his influence on Yves.

If you haven't watched it yet then I recommend the documentary about their life, relationship, and the auction called
L'Amour Fou.

I don't understand how this kitchen is so simple, sweet, grand 
and decadent all at once.

This is part of the famous hydrangea walk that features more than 60 varieties of the shrub!

I love an outdoor covered walkway.
I thought it was referred to as canopied but 
who am I to be contrary to AD?

The details in the wood are a bonus.

Inside and exterior of a caravan on the grounds.
Funny how luxe and a subculture of society always crosses over.

There was another home of a global figure which was the Manhattan home of the gambling mogul and art collector 
Steven Wynn.

I love art so my eye was drawn to the pictures instead of the decor.
The two pictures are opposite ends of the room that is a feature of the ipad magazine.

I think must be a very North American thing to have a proper bar and counter stools at home.

But then again, he owns hotels and oddly I feel like his home looks like a high roller's suite in Vegas.

I guess you can take the boy out of Vegas but you can't - 
yes that old chestnut.

I had to laugh about having blinds when the view is of the park 
but then I remembered that every home in the city 
has a pair of binoculars.  

Just a quick picture of a style I adore - 
I don't know how to describe it properly.
But it is this entry hall and staircase.
Is it modern American colonial?

The next home is the New Mexico retreat of Jane Fonda.

Truth be told, I don't have an opinion on this house.
(I know!)
But I do love New Mexico and would move to Taos tomorrow.

My favorite bit of the house are the pillows on the daybed.

 Remember Mr McDreamy?
I never fancied him myself but his house is mcdreamy.

I found the cover odd after seeing his family picture.
His whole family is adorable so why didn't AD 
include the wife and daughter?

Hope you enjoyed the issue and and have a great weekend.
I will reply to any comments but might be a bit slow. x


  1. Love these little tidbits!

    I read Patrick just lost his mother (big news around here as Patrick is from Maine). What a gorgeous house!

    I could love in Normandy! The key will be - how to pay for it!

    1. Wendy - actually Canada is probably more expensive than France with the exception of Paris. A period chateau in Normandy can be had for a few hundred thousand dollars but what is the rub is the tax and the unstable tax laws! PS weather there is worse than England so you have been warned...

  2. That steve Wyatt house was interesting, from an Art perspective. I hated the interiors - it didn't look like a home at all, just as you said it had a slightly sterile High Rollers Las Vegas suite feel. Don't much like the high shine Love Boat ocean liner bed either.... and what was with the mirror over the bed????!!!!!

    Loved the Pierre Berger home, and have two books about Yves and Pierres homes, including the coffee table book made out of the catalogue from their Sale of the Century. Such incredible eye for detail and such interesting collections.

    Overall I'm not enjoying the Arch Digest - about 1 in 4 are good. I had high hopes when Margaret Russel took over, but it hasn't changed much (I'm not interested in Celebrities houses, and they feature them a lot.. not necessarily because they have good style. I'm thinking of Will and Jada Smith's house). xx

    1. Mr Wynn has the most amazing art and yet oddly his homes aren't decorated to that same level. Each room looks like one of his own hotels! I can't believe they left that mirror in for the photo shoot.

      I adored that movie - if you haven;t already then you must watch it! In fact it might be nice to watch before the YSL movie about to come out. They do a lot to nurture craftsmen bc who else can afford to pay carpenters to whittle fences for months?

      Yes agree re AD - I think there is a common thread and it is the celebrity obsession that dominates once again. There were other homes in the issue that I will eventually get around to pinning but it was all hollywood homes and another of a famous musician...I can't even remember now what they used to talk about anymore!! xx

    2. Agree Heidi re.the Smith's house ...

      Wynne's art is great , though a Warhol portrait of him.. ho hum,. The mirror over the bed...making whoopee !!!!!! I understand why it's left in for the shoot ..but better stop whilst I'm ahead

    3. hehe! Ironic though how a man who wants to be known as a collector leaves that in? But mind you explains the turbulent relationship with his wife ex wife wife etc.

  3. Gorgeous issue. And the goyard desk accessories! That's a must. Pity about the prices though.

    1. Goyard definitely hits a spot! Yes the prices hit a spot too...

  4. I need to pick up this issue.. thanks for posting all these highlights Naomi. Love those desk accessories at the top and the Chateau in Normandy. Yes, wondering where the wife is on the cover.. doing laundry? Those Malibu homes.. I grew up in that area and have witnessed first hand the influx of the celebs in the area. I've seen (them) and their homes. I'll just say they are an interesting group ;) xxL

    1. I don't like the weather in Normandy but it is stunning. I would love to see his homes in person. Malibu is a funny place - I knew someone who lived in a little shack in a private area. So odd. I like Malibu but I don't think I could ever live there! xx

    2. I can't see the attraction of those Malibu houses very close together right on a beach with darkish unappealing looking sand .. I realise there are other houses away from the beach which have more breathing room

    3. I am not a Malibu girl either plus those homes are at risk of landslides so not worth the money IMHO!

    4. The Dempsey house's terrace with those pencil pines is lovely ...see not right on the beach with another house up against it, those ones look damp, come to think of it like many older Sydney houses

  5. Goyard ipad case on my wish list! Fun post!

    1. I hope the ipad models don't change! Imagine spending all that money and they change the shape - again!! ;)

  6. That Malibu house is for me.

    1. It's yours! I will just stay in West Hollywood :)

  7. Fascinating, Naomi. So interesting to discover that the Jane Fonda ranch once belonged to Greer Garson - just loved her old movies on black and white television when I was a child. Have problems visualising her on horseback - she usually played the epitome of the lovely English lady, whom roses are named after, but not the huntin' shootin' sort! Though she tried her hand at many things in her movies including dancing, so why am I surprised! However, I am really surprised that Jane Fonda shot the poor huge stag whose head is mounted above the fireplace. Nothing to be proud of. But loved the hydrangea walk and the others gardens in this edition.
    Also a great fan of YSL and Pierre Berge. Have the full catalogue of the sale of the century and also the glam coffee table books of their houses and gardens, probably the same ones that Heidi has.
    Thank you for keeping us up to date with the mags. Cheers, Pammie xx

    1. I think Jane got her fondness of the outdoors from her most recent ex husband who is a big hunter! I adore hydrangeas too. Unpretentious and gives so much. Would love to walk there but doubt it will be open to public unless he gets really old. But he seems like the type to give his things to a foundation so it may become museums in the future. But I would like to get my hands on his old auction book...glad you enjoy looking thru the mags xx

  8. Great issue, and I'm actually thinking of going out to buy a copy. I love Pierre Bergé's house, with the surrounding forest, it's like something out of a fairy tale. I have no idea who Steve Wynn is, but his apartment immediately reminded me of a high end North American hotel - very sterile looking - and what's with the mirror on the ceiling??? Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Let's not get into the bedroom!!! I love Pierre Berge too - he has superb taste!

  9. Just a quickie from me: Mr Wynn's home aaah and that bathroom - love it! but I share your adoration of that entry hall and staircase too.
    Enjoy the warm and sunny weekend xx

    1. Is it warm where you are? Still cold here - I love that sort of American style too Have a good one xx

    2. oops missed your reply and yes it was lovely and warm at the weekend - I believe it was in the 20's down in the big smoke x

  10. Oh gosh that daybed, next house I have will be all around a daybed like that!

    1. It is giving me ideas but a day bed out on the street of London might attract odd things.

    2. Haha! yes good experiment to put one out there and take snaps for a photo essay!!

  11. A completely random thought here ... I'm impressed with how many pics you've loaded into your post. That's a lot of work and you managed to not have Blogger blow up on you!

    1. There were sooo many pics that this is the edit! hehe

      I am surprised blogger handles it but I press publish gently!

    2. Tiffany - can you believe that my blogger has now gone kaput!

    3. Oh oh. Oh no! A late April Fool's thing?

  12. I was very curious about Patrick Dempsey's house... And that garden, what a garden! I wouldn't dare dreaming having such a garden! There are many things that I love in your post, but yet, as time is passing I prefer smaller housing rather than gigantic spaces... You might say it is jealousy, but seriously, I don't think so...

    1. I know what you mean about gigantic spaces - it is a bit too much and doesn't give a nesty feeling and security. I don't think it is some sort of jealousy at all!!

  13. What a packed issue and so much appeals to me. The most charming kitchen (and in complete contrast to my minimalist one!) and the stunning day bed with all those vibrant cushions. The Van Cleef store really does look like a cruise ship! I'm tempted to go out and buy this issue if it's still available.


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