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Mad Men Season 6, Episodes 6 and 7 plus a few Liebsters!

For those of you who are not watching Mad Men, may I just introduce two of the 6 bloggers I forwarded the Liebster award to?

The first in alphabetical order is Kelly from A Soulful Home.
She is a new blogger like myself and has a lovely blog based in Sunny California.  She is an attorney who now turns her dab hand to creating lots of little elements that make her home so soulful
by name, by nature!

The second is Colleen from Forcailini 
which is Gaelic that means for the girls.
She is a fashion / nutrition blogger.
 I love her style and the items she picks out and models for us.
But she also "sneaks in a few vegetables" and writes informative posts about nutrition and health which comes naturally to her because she is a professional nutritionist!

They are both super friendly so please visit 
and don't be shy to say hello! 

So now on to Mad Men.
  Things are going back to the way things used to be.
People are back to work. 
Back to creating and conniving and scheming!
I love the period of growth.  
Even SCDP was getting a bit stagnant wasn't it?
I am worried that the car itself might be a dud...

Everything and everyone in it was getting so stagnant except perhaps Roger.

The star of the show is undoubtedly Roger. 
There is a side to him that is so sweet and unexpectedly sentimental.  I was rather touched he is now shining his own shoes;he is remaining faithful to his shoe shine guy who passed.
His womanizing is playful and immature whereas 
Don just screws women and then, screws them over.
 I felt how a Mediterranean father must feel when his son starts playing the field. It's wrong I know.

Joan was the mouthpiece to voice our anger at Don, not just at the failed stock flotation but just in general.
However, I wasn't placated and still wanted to tell him off myself. 
I know there is an attempt at some sort of frisson from the writers for a relationship between her and Bob, the eager general intern but I don't feel any excitement about it.
But on a side note, didn't she look gorgeous as the possible fourth Charlie's Angels that never was...
Although Pete was not admiring her hair...
I know that the merger of the two agencies might be a little contrived and forced but considering where we were going beforehand, this was a welcome development and 
I was willing to look the other way.
Peggy's face was priceless at the news and I looked forward to seeing her with Don again.  In episode 7, the expectation paid off when she told Don that people need to move forward.

It happened again.  Another person who was meant to bring in change and symbolized hope was murdered.  
Bobby Kennedy  got shot.  
I suppose this is what the country would have felt like if Obama was murdered just before he got elected the first time.
But all that Don was worried about was the demise of 
his affair with Sylvia.
When he got home after Sylvia dumped him,
Megan was boring him and me about her job or something.
 It was so dull that we were both zoning her out.

The alpha male vs beta male supremacy tug of war was definitely won by Ted.  He may not be able to drink as much as Don. 
Don is old school but Ted is new renaissance man.
He is the guy who flies his own plane to a meeting and teaches Don that when flying you don't know if you are upside down unless you check your instruments...Ted is an new age ad man so his put downs were rather metaphorical.

The recent kidnapping and sexual slavery case in Ohio was just another in a string of these niche scenarios that has become increasingly more common in the headlines.  This would make us all think, what kind of man would do this?
But the sexual and power dominance and submissive dynamic that Don was trying to implement and enforce was bordering dangerously close to these cases.  It was uncomfortable to see that the one time he needed and wanted guaranteed love and intimacy from a woman that he wanted her in the hotel room with nothing except for the anticipation of seeing him.
He wouldn't even let her keep a book to read.  
Once I saw the mild parallels of sexual enslavement and captivity, 
I have now put Don definitely in the corner.  I am not saying his actions are excusable although I do know that Sylvia was under no real harm nor duress and she entered the "game" willingly. 
But unless the writers let us in some more of his childhood secrets, there is just no pathos left for him 
which is dangerous territory indeed.  
We can't watch a show if we don't care right?

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  1. Oh my goodness, well as you know I don't watch it, but it's hard to believe a TV series could have some similar parallel to what happened in Ohio. I can see why you would have this view of Don and I don't even watch it. Sounds like the writers like to be a little risque with their story lines? don't know....

    Anyway thanks for the shout out babes and enjoy the rest of your week and weekend xx

    1. Well this would have been shot ages ago but still the theme was uncomfortably close to me...Don has just lost it.

      But I hope you get some visitors! Have a great weekend xx

  2. As you know, I don't watch it - but I'd love some time alone with Don in a sound-proofed hotel room. I'd give him a claw-tattoo. And I don't mean that affectionately!

    1. Oh and I would watch - and I don't mean that affectionately either!

  3. Oh I must get up to date on my M.M. watching-a bit behind. It's been so crazy here. Congrats on the Liebsters and I'll definitely check out those blogs.
    xx, Heather

    1. Hi Heather, looks like you have been busy and thanks so much! And yes when you get a chance please pop by x

  4. Thank you proud to be one of your Liebster recipients! Not in a self centered way, but only because you are an episode ahead of me, I can't read the rest of your post. I am sure I will agree on what whatever you have eloquently said about Don et al.

    1. Yes you have to watch the episode...intense but at least the merger has lightened things up - i think we should count ourselves lucky that fashion police doesn't cover the liebster awards :p xx

  5. Thank you for introducing the new bloggers. Both are very beautiful and so intelligent.
    I don´t watch TV at all, but naturally I have heard of the series.
    I get addicted easily.

    1. Hi Mette, yes you are right - they are beautiful and intelligent which is a nice quality for a blogger to have ;). I understand the TV addiction - I used to live without a TV but now I can't live without one!

  6. You know I don't watch this and I'm so behind already so I won't catch up. But Joan's can I get those fringe? I can't seem to. I'll have to have a screen shot and take it to my hairstylist.

    I'll check out the Liebsters!!! x

    1. Her hair is so pretty isn't it? Not that she ever looks bad -ever. Yes do check out the first two Liebsters - there are several more coming hehe ;)

  7. Nice thanks for the bloggers introduction, they got cool blogs !

    1. Thanks Melo for dropping by their blogs - they are really lovely! :)

  8. Those two blogs are great - thanks for sharing them!
    You'll be pleased to know that I have started watching MM series 1.
    However, you might be not so pleased to know that I'm not particularly impressed so far. I don't find any of the characters at all pleasant or easy to relate to. I hate Betty's helplessness and lack of self awareness, Don is a foul, shallow caricature of a 1950s man. Peggy makes me want to slap her. Joan comes across as a super bitch, and that other male character is smarmy and vile.
    I realise that it's probably far more historically accurate than The Hour, but I so much preferred the characters and storyline in that series.
    Hmm. I've only watched 4 episodes, so will give it some more time.
    Sorry if I've offended anyone with this diatribe. I am quite willing to be persuaded that I'm wrong :-)

    1. Remember the wire? do you remember how it took about 6 episodes to get into it? Mad Men is kinda like that. Mind you this season has been hard work but stick with it a little longer - if you still don't like it then I understand but initially everyone isn't likable but now I love Joan. Betty is still useless though and Don is well Don. But wouldn't blame you if you didn't carry on :)

      Thanks for dropping by the other Liebsters - they are great gals x

    2. Oh god I loved the Wire so much! It was hard for the first few episodes, so I will persevere with MM. The title music drives me bonkers too.
      Will stick with it.
      Red wine beckons.... It's Friday night, praise the deities!

    3. Stick with it Ruth...I felt the same way at first. I LOVED the Hour. Seems many shows I LOVE get taken off the air. Hmmm??? That makes me wonder. If you LOVE Naomi then, as she likes say we are probably the same demographic, so I can say with some certainty you will like Mad Men as you get further along. That being said, with so much going on do we really need to try to stick it out with a tv show?
      Have a nice weekend,
      Kelly @ My Soulful Home

  9. Thanks for all these blogs I discover thanks to you!!!!
    I've not started yet watching MM!!! :-(
    I must!!!

    1. Hi Gloria - thanks for dropping by those blogs xx
      PS take your time with MM but you would love the fashion

  10. I love the post:) Have a wonderful weekend!

    Win a pair of sunglasses:

  11. See, I don't watch Mad Men, so I'm definitely checking out Kelly's blog. Colleen's I already know and read and like.:)

    Have a fun weekend, dear!!

    1. Thanks darl - hope you are having a great weekend too!


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