Thursday, 28 March 2013

Living Magazine by Martha Stewart April 2013 Issue Review

For those of you who may not know, I am a magazine fiend.

One of my many subscriptions is Living by Martha Stewart.

I have a complicated relationship with her.

She is my hero / anti-hero ; my idol / my nemesis.

I take the mick out of her at times and have teased her on the blog as well.

But it is all in good fun.

I did go through the March Issue of Living but to be honest, there was nothing to share and it wasn't very inspiring and very "Martha".

This was the March cover without the verbage.

But she sure made up for it in the April Issue.

For a Living cover, I have to say I was a bit disappointed. 
Where was the Martha-esque bling?

But I must say she made up for it between the sheets.

There was so much to file for future reference.

I am not sure if it is the natural "hope springs eternal" inclination but the interest for anything in bloom was in contrast to the harsh Arctic winds I came back home to.

My eyes were burning holes into the following feature.

It encompassed not only flowers, but the landscape of a nieghborhood plus future travel options all in one.

I think the title say sit all.

I love how this article shows that a community / street coming together results in a fine example of mass is greater than the sum of its parts theory.  If just the one had a fantastic display but the others had tarmac, well, needless to say.

I have a wonderful neighbour that has made our street so much more cheerful by encouraging everyone to plant flowers
and tending to plants boxes of those who are away
 for over a certain length of time. 

She really has made such a difference to the ambience of the street and so I looked at this article with a greater appreciation of those who must enjoy living on this street. Not only for the visual effects but the comraderie it takes to create a defined neighborhood through communal efforts.   

There was a show by Sarah Beeney a few years ago that was about a street in London.  It was called Streets Ahead.  It was about a drab street being made over with little renovations such as painting doors and generally sprucing up the exterior of each house. 
Regardless of what you may think of her ( people do seem to have strong opinions about her...), I thought she did a great job demonstrating the importance of community and a group project for solidifying the bond between neighbours. It was also financially beneficial for the residents. The value of the houses were 10 % higher than streets nearby due to the street makeover.

If I am ever in the San Francisco area, I am definitely going to be going on the tour as recommended above. 

The garden theme was continued with a great tag.

 Writers. Tick.
 Gardens. Tick.
Pioneering women. Tick.
Future travel wishlist. Tick.

 Trellises and roses.
If I ever have a proper garden,  am going to get me one of those.
I do have 4 rose bushes in my plant and window boxes already.
They make up most of my "garden".

 I might be quiet and let you view in peace for a bit.

 Edna seems like my kind of gal.  Thanks to this article I am going to get her books...

 Did not know Ms Wharton had so many other talents...

This was a feature on Passover entertaining.
 I just had to share this image with you as
I found it so mind seeringly stunning.

 I need to find some apricot hued tulips - NOW.

 Well, it is only natural that the April issue was going to do
 a feature on decorative eggs.

There was a tutorial how to craft the eggs that were on the cover.
But the problem for me is that not only do you have to make the eggs but then you gotta make the egg drying rack...
Ain't gonna happen.

But if you want the tutorial section - email me and I will be happy to send you the section if you want to make in time for Easter.

I was very happily reading the issue but was wondering in the back of my mind - where is that slightly neurotic, totally unachievable, Willy Wonka style of crafting that is Martha Stewartism?

Then there it was.

That's my girl...

 She went through her Easter basket over the years...
Now I did notice that a few years were missing on her nostalgic tour of her past handiwork.

 She skips 2002, 2003, and 2004.
I suppose they were her eggs' annus horribilis.
I am going to try and google them because I want to know what she is hiding.

This year's basket!

After all that, she dared insert the following!

Oh Martha...

I hope this inspires you with your egg basket!
Happy holidays everyone xx

All photos from Living Magazine April 2013


  1. I have always been a Martha fan, but yes she is a challenge to love. I admire her & marvel at her empire..."atta' girl". One day she is making some appetizers in Connecticut...dial ahead -years of hard work & climbing over people to get to the top..oh & being mean to interns ( a few of my friends in fact), then she's on top pf the world...then jail time? Come on, if she were a man she NEVER would have been sentence to time in! Secretly or not so, people want to stick it to her. I became more of an admirer because she came through that incident with dignity & climbed back up again. "Atta' Girl Martha". BUT....the mag has been dull for awhile. Martha has Naomi to thank for me buying the April issue. This one looks sooo Martha!

    1. She is a true character isn't she? I almost was relieved when she went to prison but then ruined it by saying she missed lemons the most in prison! She makes me laugh. But the mag has been dull but this one was a keeper - Happy Easter Kelly xx

  2. I would really love to dye some eggs and take a few pics of them!
    Thank you for the post and Happy Easter!

    1. I hope your eggs look half as good as hers - I am sure they will as it seems you have an artistic streak - happy easter!

  3. I might be tempted to buy it for the first time ever! I loved looking at the gardens - I too am a magazine junkie. Glad you returned safely from your travels.

    1. It was a great issue - one that I will file. I have been a junkie since I was about twelve...It isn't fading either!! I was safe until I landed in London...I have succumbed to the cold winds and will spend Easter in bed.

      Happy Easter to you!

  4. Oh dear! I haven't considered making an egg basket. I think if I had children or a grandparent that would appreciate it I would, but I was quite happy to leave that behind at junior school.

    I completely agree with taking pride in the appearance of your street, I don't get why people wouldn't (it really does increase the house value!) You are lucky to have a neighbour that takes enough pride to ensure everyone else takes pride in their surroundings.

    As well as shoes, I do dream about a landscape garden to look out on to one day as well! aaaah. When I can afford it I will have to come to you for advice.

    Anyway Happy Easter to you too hun - glad you're back safe and well although I'm sure you are not glad to be back! xx

    1. Last thing I have time for right now is an Easter basket - though beautiful to look at. But as you know chocolate is not my weakness...

      I do find the whole village dynamic really interesting.

      But I only know what i like but as I have only window and plant boxes I will at least lend you my mags if you need advice :)

      Happy Easter xx

  5. Martha is so talented! And this issue with the delicate little eggs, which look like an exotic French designer fabric, makes me want to buy it!!!

    Lauren at adorn la femme

  6. i literally have SO MANY mags coming to my door - and i have stacks of em' that i've YET to open - it's SAD - i need to NOT renew!

    1. I wish I could not renew...Although I have stopped the fashion ones and I read them when I go to a friends house or the doctors!

  7. Hi dear, My bloglovin' button is the blue + on the top of my right column (where the facebook button or twitter button is)
    Anyway if you encounter any trouble here is the link
    I know GFC is over but I couldn't register in the first place, so I don't have it.... Very nice flowers on these pics, keep in touch, love Mélo

  8. I love Martha. My family call me Martha (in jest, I think, I could never achieve her greatness, but I think they are also referring to my general bossiness when it comes to table decorating. They subtitled Christmas this year as: "A Very Martha Christmas"). The year I got her Christmas entertaining book from my sister, I knew I could never reach her heights. Quite literally. Her gingerbread house was 4 storeys high from memory.
    Martha sent me into overdrive for my wedding back in 2000 with the Weddings magazines that I bought airfreighted from the US. Do you remember the early days of her show? No audience to interact with, and she spoke in a very bossy manner. They'd cut between segments with this sort of wistful, saccharine music, and it was all filmed at her houses. She was also an Internet pioneer. I remember spending hours browsing her online shop and the website back in 1998/1999.
    I'm a mag hag too. I gathered you were as well from you remembering so many of my tear sheets I've been posting!
    Agree with you re streetscape. We recently put lawn down on our nature strip (previously was dirt with street trees and flourishing weeds in Winter). It's made the biggest difference. I also planted Boston Ivy down the side wall of our house (we are on a corner) partially as an anti graffiti measure, but also chosen for the Autumn colour that it will have. I thought it would be nice that instead of walking past a very long and high garden wall, there'd be either a wall of green, or a wall of bright red, or a wall with the tracery of the vines in Winter time.
    Oops. too long a comment, sorry! I like Sarah Beeney. Except for all the MDF that she put into her Stately home. xx

    1. Don't be silly - never too long a comment!
      I really enjoy what you have to say whether it is here and especially on your blog.

      Yes I am a total junkie...

      But I would love to see more of your Marthisms :)

      That Xmas house was ridiculous - I saw that and she made a model of her own house and it was a true replica!!!

      She really was a pioneer in everything - a model, financier, the list goes on doesn't it?

      I didn't consider ivy as an anti graffiti measure but you are right - they should use that here for problem areas - wonder why they arent using that???

      I dont mind Sarah Beeney either - her stately home is a funny one isnt it? although the council would have forced me to sell much earlier - that was a nightmare wasn't it? Also she proves that never get sucked into buying a cheap stately house. Never a bargain.

      Hope you are having a lovely warm Easter xx

  9. oh god, it's Easter *distractedlookintomiddledistance*

    another year. another egg basket Not Made.

    but we did enjoy your Post very much.

    especially the conflicted nature of your relationship with M.

    and this bit made us smile a Lot.

    Writers. Tick.
    Gardens. Tick.
    Pioneering women. Tick.
    Future travel wishlist. Tick


    1. Yes - I will be reviewing the Xmas issue next week...

      But the women's writers gardens just made me love Martha so much - again. I am so fickle ;)

  10. i can't keep up with my own magazine issewes......I buy them and then forget I have bought them and buy the same ones again without realising. Don't tell my Hubby that part. Happy Easter.

    1. Really? I have an order in my chaos that is my piles of mags everywhere around the house.
      PS Dont worry - secret safe with me, women's honor is one never dupes another women in ;)

      Happy Easter

  11. The tv show Whatever Martha is so funny it is Martha's daughter mocking her moms videos. Her stuff can be overdone and tedious. But kudos to her for elevating potentially tacky projects to decent.

    1. Robyn, thank you so much for the tip!! I didn't hear about this - we dont get Martha's show here...I have to youtube her so that is why I never knew about this show.

      I just youtubed it and it is hilarious. What a good sport Martha is. So glad her own daughter is taking the mick out of her - that twig episode i was cyber high fiving her.

      Happy Easter Robyn!

  12. Those egg baskets do look amazing. I would never have the time to make one though. I love gardening, I do miss it now I live in a flat. Hopefully moving soon though!xx

    1. They do look great dont they?

      I am sure when your baby gets older you can start dyeing eggs together :)

      Happy Easter Sian xxx

  13. love the eggs baskets !
    want one :)

    1. Melo, I am sure you have some great ones over in Paris!

  14. I'm really not an Easter fan, but some of these look really adorable. The one form 2013 is actually very stylish.:) I googled those years too and found some eggs with tiny colorful pearls on them, which were actually pretty cool, but I also fun a gold monstrosity so she might be hiding that.:D But what about your basket, what did you make??
    As for the first section of the post: I'm going to the States this summer and I'm intrigued to see that in real life. The photo you posted is luckily big enough so I saved it and it's in my to do folder now.:)

    1. Hey Peet, funny enough I was thinking technically Easter should be a bigger deal than Xmas because he was "born again" which is way cooler in the Christian tradition but it has become a gap between winter and summer break...

      Honey, I eat egg baskets - not make them!!!
      Hope you are eating yummy food today.

      I can't wait for your travel posts after your trip to the States! Let me know if you want me to send you the original pic xx

  15. I agree that the cover could have been MUCH better. I haven't really dug into this issue yet but it bugged me to see the clear stickery parts around the designs on the eggs on the cover. I have an undying love for Martha - I've subscribed to MSL since I was 17 - and I was a little surprised that something like that would get through. I mean, is it too much to ask for a little perfection? Geez. ;)

    1. Jenni- good spot! They need you to do the edit!! You are gooood.

  16. Your relationship with Martha made me laugh. I feel much the same way. I loved the writers' gardens though.

    1. The writers gardens is the type of thing they should do more of! But yes she is a complicated character isn't she?


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